AlphaDelta 4B-N coax switch 4xN

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The extremely high quality design features a cast housing with a constant impedance micro-strip cavity for outstanding performance through UHF. No lossy wafer switches are used, and a solid positive detent roller bearing switch drive leaves no-doubt to which position is selected. The unused antenna circuits are automatically grounded to reduce antenna-interaction noise and the effects of lighting. For the antenna circuit that is in use, the famous replaceable Alpha Delta Arc-Plug™ Cartidge provides continuous protection.

Antenna switched in or out, your're well protected both ways! The Arc Plug is easily accessed through front panel so you may permanently mount the switch to any surface. Both models handle full legal power.

The VSWR is less than 1.2:1 thru 150 MHz, and less than 1.5:1 at 450 MHz for the DELTA series with type UHF connectors.

The models with type N connectors are less than VSWR 1.2:1 thru 500 MHz and less than 1.5:1 at 1.2 GHz.

The switches with SO-239 (UHF) connectors are rated at 1500 watts CW/FM thru 30 MHz and 1000 watts from 30 thru 450 MHz, assuming a VSWR of no more than 2:1. Higher VSWRs at full power could false trigger the ARC-PLUG surge protector cartridge. Isolation 60 dB thru 450 MHz, typically 70dB below 30 MHz.

The switches with type N connectors are rated at 1500 watts CW/FM thru 150 MHz, 1000 watts from 150 thru 500 MHz and 800 watts from 500 thru 1.2 GHz.

NOTE: The rating is 1.2 GHz, not 1.3 GHz. Isolation is 60 dB thru 500 MHz and 50 dB from 500 MHz thru 1.2 GHz. Ratings assume a VSWR of no greater than 2:1. All models are such low loss designs that the interconnect cables typically show more loss than the switches.

Technical Data
Product Name Delta 4B-N
Brand AlphaDelta
Connector A N Socket
Connector B N Socket
Connector C N Socket
Connector N

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