EAntenna DELTA-11 6 Band Delta Loop 6/10/12/15/17/20m

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  • Delta 11 antenna
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  • Delta Loop Balun 1 kW

A multiband delta loop is a compact and effective antenna with the characteristics of an omnidirectional antenna. Due to the compact design with aluminium tubes, this antenna has a small footprint and can easily be used on the roof of a house or on the road. A rotor is not necessary.

The Delta-11 covers all bands from 20 m to 6 m with good results. This antenna needs a tuner for most bands, either remotely controlled directly under the antenna, or at the station. On 11 and 10 metres, the SWR is low and the antenna can be used without a tuner. The coverage angle of the Delta-11 is quite low, similar to a vertical antenna. This makes it well suited for DX operation. In addition, there is low noise, similar to other loop antennas.

The maximum transmit power is 1000 W PEP. The construction of the antenna is aluminium and stainless steel at the bottom, the upper part is a flexible cable. The max. permissible wind speed is 120 km/h. The low weight /~5 kg) and the compact transport dimensions of 10 x 27 x 130 cm also make the Delta11B well suited for holidays. One person can easily carry and mount the assembled antenna.

Alternatively, a larger version of this antenna is also available: the Delta-7B for the bands from 30 to 6 m.

Technical Data
Product Name Delta-11
Brand EAntenna
Max. Element Length 21966
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Supported Bands 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m
Weight 4 kg
Balun Included No
Max. Power [W] 1000 W
Rotation Radius [m] 1.8m
Antenna Guying No
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna Delta Loop
Gain [dBi] (free space) 20m: 6.58; 15m: 7.8; 6m: 8.96
Gain 14 MHz [dBi] 6.58
Gain 21 MHz [dBi] 7.8

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