Diamond SLx antenna cables, antenna side

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Top Features

  • Flexible choice for antenna mounting: N or PL
  • Thin cable fits easily through door seal
  • Various lengths, precisely adapted

Supply Scope

  • Antenna cable SLx-
  • Pad for cable
  • Cover cap for antenna socket

Diamond Japan offers a system of antenna cables for the popular Diamond mobile clamps. Here, each cable consists of two separate parts that are coupled together via a high-quality connector. This system has several advantages:

  • Type of connection (PL or N) can be freely selected on each side.
  • Greater choice of overall length
  • Greater choice of thick/thin cable division
  • When changing the antenna or radio, only one part may need to be changed.

In order to be able to use the above-mentioned Diamond antenna holders (K-400 etc.), please select two cable halves here: firstly, a thin SLM-xx or SLN-xx cable (3mm Ø), which is inserted into the base and fed through the door or boot seal into the interior; and secondly, a thicker cable DQS.., DQM... or DQN... with a diameter of approx. 7mm which then leads to the radio. To keep the attenuation as low as possible, choose the thin, outer cable as short as possible and the thick, inner cable as long as necessary. The result is a very good compromise between attenuation and adaptation to the vehicle.

The following cable types are available in different lengths:

  • SLM: thin cable for outside with PL socket
  • SLN: thin cable for outside with N-socket
  • DQM: thick cable for inside with PL connector
  • DQN: thick cable for inside with N-connector
  • DQSM: thick cable for indoor use with SMA connector
  • DQSMF: thick cable for indoor use with SMA connector

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Technical Data
Product Name Diamond SLx antenna cables, antenna side
Color Black
Connector B Diamond Connector 3mm cable
Brand Diamond
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm

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