DIAMOND folded dipoles VHF or UHF, 1-4 antennas

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Top Features

  • For commercial communications in VHF or UHF
  • Improved performance by staggering 2 or 4 antennas
  • Omnidirectional characteristic
  • Power handling up to 500 watts
  • Extremely robust, ideal for use in the mountains and on coasts

Technical description

The antennas of the FDV and FDU series of the Japanese manufacturer DIAMOND are broadband loop dipoles with omnidirectional characteristic. This design is known for its low-noise behavior and is less susceptible to interference.

The FDV series covers the VHF frequency range from 138 - 174 MHz, the FDU series operates in the spectrum from 406 - 512 MHz. These large bandwidths, each covered without gaps, open up a wide range of professional application possibilities.

By interconnecting ("stacking") several antennas of the same type, you can significantly increase the efficiency of the antenna system. When using 2 or 4 antennas simultaneously, higher antenna gains are achieved, which not only improves range, but also improves voice quality, intelligibility and reliability of data transmissions. 

The loop dipole, attached to a horizontal boom, is mounted to a mast (possible mast diameters: 33 - 62 mm) using the included mounting hardware to save space.

By changing the distance of the dipole to the mast, a slight directional effect in one or 2 directions can be achieved. The distance values to be set and the corresponding directional diagrams are explained in the illustrated instructions. 

All antennas are designed for a maximum transmit power of up to 500 watts.

Application description

These extremely robust and durable antennas are ideally suited for all professional radio applications where coverage of a more or less circular area around the antenna site is desired at close range. 

The choice of band, VHF or UHF, depends on the frequency allocated by the German Federal Network Agency, transmission power or the existence of existing infrastructure.

Depending on the intended use, the Federal Network Agency allocates suitable frequencies to the user.

Possible areas of application for these professional antennas include, for example:

  • Radio between mobile and fixed radio stations (buses, cabs, control centers)
  • Maritime radio
  • Inland waterway radio
  • Operational radio of railroads
  • Military radio applications
  • Report radio
  • Transmission of data signals (telecontrol radio)
  • Radio operations of the BOS (authorities and organizations with security tasks)
  • Transmission of internal messages as voice or data
Technical Data
Product Name DIAMOND folded dipoles VHF or UHF, 1-4 antennas
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna Folded dipole
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Polarisation Vertical
Brand Diamond
Max. Power [W] 500 W
Impedance [Ohm] 50
DIAMOND folded dipoles VHF or UHF, 1-4 antennas
DIAMOND folded dipoles VHF or UHF, 1-4 antennas

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As low as: €330.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping €277.31

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