Diamond WD-330 Broadband Dipole

Diamond WD-330 Broadband Dipole

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Supply Scope

  • Dipole antenna
  • Balun
  • Insulators

Diamond WD-330 are antennas based on the T2FD principle: universal antennas for radio amateurs, HF listeners and professional radio services. Extremely broadband in the range 2-30 MHz. T2FD stands for "Tilted Terminated Folded Dipole", i.e. a dipole with a terminating resistor.

The T2FD dipole is a broadband wire antenna that is popular with commercial radio services and the military because of its properties (uncomplicated handling, wide bandwidth). The SWR is approx. 2:1 up to approx. 18 MHz, above that 3:1. In operation, a tuner is necessary in many cases, the built-in tuner of the radio is usually sufficient. The antenna does not need to be tuned.

When stretched, these antennas have the directional pattern of a dipole. If the antenna is hung as an 'inverted VEE', approximately omnidirectional characteristics are achieved. It is also possible to hang the antenna diagonally from an elevated point, like a 'sloper'.

Supplied with balun, 50Ω connection (PL), incl. insulators.

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Technical Data
Product Name Diamond WD-330 Broadband Dipole
Balun Included Yes
Antenna Type Dipole
Design of antenna T2FD Dipole
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Brand Diamond
Max. Power [W] 150 W
Connector PL-Buchse
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Supported Bands 80m

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