DigiKeyer-2 Sound/CAT Interface w/ Sequencer

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More than just a soundcard interface - DigiKeyer-2

Significant differences to the predecessor microHam DigiKeyer:

  • Winkey Chip for precise morse keying added

The DigiKeyer-2 is much more than an interface, because it is an own, self contained soundcard. Together with the other integrated components like CAT interface and PTT/FSK/CW keyer this is a very versatile interface for all special modes. Use RTTY, Fax, SSTV, Echolink, PSK31, MFSK, Olivia, WSJT, APRS and many more, everything which is supported by a soundcard.

With the integration of a high-quality soundcard you have several advantages:

  • The internal soundcard remains free for other tasks, e.g. system sounds
  • No noise like often seen with soundchips on the motherboard
  • Developed by radio amateurs for radio amateurs: much better dynamic range and less noise as with simple consumer cards
  • No need to change soundcard connections on your PC
  • Two line-in channels for AF from Main and Sub VFO (where supported)
  • Better AF quality with notebooks, where the microphone input does not offer the right impedance
  • Support for practically all OS due to native USB soundcard drivers
  • Only one cable between interface and PC: a standard USB cable
  • microHAM USB Device Router and microHAM Device Configurator are compatible with all 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP, 2000 and 2003.

Of course all connections between radio and PC are electrically isolated to avoid noise loops. Between the DigiKeyer-2 interface and the PC just a standard USB cable is required. And also from interface to the radio it's only one cable, which usally connects to the rear connections of the radio. This greatly simplifies station setup.

The integrated CAT interface transmits frequency and other information between PC and radio, most manufacturers are supported: Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft, JRC, and TenTec. Depending on type a level conversion is done by the interface.

With just one cable between DigiKeyer-2 and radio all connections for CW, PTT and FSK keying are done. Further the interface offers two more time delayed PTT lines for power amplifier and pre-amp keying.

A connection on the rear side of the DigiKeyer-2 is used for a PS/2 keyboard (full or 10 Keypad, see below). With this keyboard pre-defined texts can be recalled for digital modes like RTTY and for CW.

A special AF output serves to connect to the Micro-2R SO2R station controller by microHam. This allows you to integrate the DigiKeyer-2 perfectly into your SO2R station.

The cable between DigiKeyer-2 and radio is individual to each radio model and must be ordered separately. We offer cables for most radio models. If the interface will be used on several radios, just order one cable for each radio.
Weight 1.1kg, Size 165 x 44 x 110mm. We offer an optional 10 keys keypad MK-KEYPAD, see below.

Technical Data
Product Name DigiKeyer-2
Brand microHAM
DigiKeyer-2 Sound/CAT Interface w/ Sequencer
DigiKeyer-2 Sound/CAT Interface w/ Sequencer

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