Messi & Paoloni Dipoflex Antenna Wire Ø 3,1 mm

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Top Features

  • Extremely good HF conductivity
  • High tensile strength
  • Especially for wire antennas

Supply Scope

  • Dipoflex stranded wire, sold by the metre

Dipoflex antenna stranded wire is ideally suited for the construction of wire antennas.

The stranded conductor consists of 19 individual copper wires (19 x 0.29 mm), which is far more than is usually the case with comparable antenna wires. The large number of stranded wires creates a larger surface area, which plays a major role in the conduction of high-frequency signals (skin effect).

The tensile strength (45kg) is particularly high due to the choice of copper alloy. The black polyurethane sheath is equipped with UV-repellent additives to achieve a high long-term resistance.

Technical Data
Product Name Dipoflex
Brand Messi e Paoloni
Weight per Meter 13.38 g
Cable diameter [mm] 3.1

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