DR-2XE Repeater

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  • DR-2XE relay in 19 "housing
  • DC cable
  • manual EN
  • SCU-20 PC-ACC cable (USB)
Yaesu offers you the dual mode repeater DR-2XE for a smooth transition from traditional FM mode to digital C4FM modulation. This relay is capable of both operation modes, the automatic mode select (AMS) recognizes the signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM and then the DR-2XE repeater retransmits the signal using the preset communications mode. This makes operating in FM as well as C4FM with only one hardware system possible.

The DR-2XE relay is shipped as a professional 19" system, an external power supply (13.8V, 15A) is required. The repeater can be used on 2m (144-146MHz) and 70cm (430-440MHz) with two receivers simultaneously, also as crossband repeater, see below. Configuration is done very comfortably via a large, coloured touch display on the front. With that you can program 'Id' (call sign), transmission and receiving frequency, transmission power (5, 20 or 50W), CTCSS, squelch and the automatic modulation select (AMS). Frequencies can be adjusted in 5 or 6.25 kHz steps.

The device requires 13.8V, max. 15A for operation. The repeater has an internal loudspeaker for local checking, also a microphone can be plugged in for testing the transmitter.

The DR-2XE repeater has no diplexer built-in, this needs to be added externally. On the rear side there are four separate connectors for transmit and receive antennas (2x RX, 2x TX) available. The transmit power can be adjusted to 5, 20 or 50W. The repeater identifier can be transmitted via voice or CW output in adjustable time intervals to meet regulatory requirements for automatic operating units.

New functions of the DR-2XE

IMRS, Internet Multi-Site Repeater: To achieve an IP networking independant from the Wires-X system, each repeater equipped with the option LAN-01A interface can be configured with up to 100 IP adresses (IPv4) of connected partner repeater systems. With a suitable selection of Digital Group IDs it is possible to form larger networks of connected repeaters. Each participant can use a certain DG-ID to address a local or remote repeater, a group of repeaters or the entire network. This IMRS operation requires the optional LAN-01A interface. This type of network operation does not require any infrastructure - no central server, no DNS address resolution, it is only depending on the individual configuration of each DR-2XE repeater. This allows continued operation over large areas even when other systems fail. Note: You can operate the DR-2XE either with Wires-X networking using the optional HRI-200 interface, or the IMRS type networking with the optional LAN-01A interface. A simultaneous operation of both netwirking systems is not possible.

2 Receivers: In contrast to the predecessor DR-1XE the new DR-2XE is equipped with two independant receivers (and one transmitter). This offers new modes of operation. You can use the secondary uplink frequency for emergency purposes only, for example for the operator to control the repeater in case of interference on the normal uplink. Or you operate both input frequencies at the same time in a 'first come, first serve' mode. Or you assign one frequency as priority which then overrides the input on the other frequency. You can even configure two separate transmit frequencies for each input, but only one signal can be transmitted at one time.

The already known Digital Group ID (DG-ID) system now offers more possibilities than before. For example end user devices can transmit certain telemetry data, or the signal level of the repeater. Repeaters which are connected with the IMRS system (see above) can be addressed by individual or group-wide DG-IDs. Please note that it might become necessary to upgrade your radio with the latest firmware to make use of the newer features.

Overall the DR-2XE has be designed more robust. The larger heat sink and a selection of commercial grade components allows a continued operation over long periods of time with any service requirements.

Technical Data
Product Name DR-2xE
Supported Bands 2m, 70cm
Brand Yaesu
Modes FM
Weight 8.4 kg
Size W x H x D 482 mm x 88 mm x 380 mm (BxHxT)
DR-2XE Repeater
DR-2XE Repeater

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