DUO-ART-120 (120W, 160-10m) w. Aut.tuner

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Supply Scope

  • DUO-ART power amplifier
  • 2 coaxial cables 50cm with PL plugs
  • 1 PTT cable (3.5mm jack plug)
  • 1 EXT-IO cable
  • 1 DC cable for supplying another consumer (power pole / open)
  • 1 Schuko cable for 240 V AC
  • Printed instructions EN
  • 'Bypass' filter board (installed)

The DUO-ART power amplifiers from Elad are not only small works of art from the outside. These 60 or 120W power amplifiers follow an intricate design with much love for details, all this in an elegant case.

  • 60 / 120W Power Amplifier for shortwave up to 6m

  • 3-way antenna switch

  • SWR and power measurement

  • With built in power supply, also for supply of external radios

  • Large power meter

  • Optional pre-selector

The tuner can adjust typ. impedances of approx. 6-1000 Ohm (1.8 - 30MHz) and approx. 16-150 Ohm on 50MHz.

QRP is a fine variation of our hobby, but sometimes you need a lot of patience to reach a station. Here a power amplifier helps. Elad from Italy has also recognized this and gives their outstanding SDR transceiver FDM-DUO suitable power amplifiers, which of course can also be used for other radios. As you would expect from the design-conscious Italian company, the DUO-ART power amplifiers are also a real eye-catcher visually!

But the DUO-ART power amplifiers are not only externally elaborately designed, also internally the manufacturer has made a lot of effort and constructed excellent technology. Each power amplifier has seven automatically selected low pass filters to achieve an absolutely clean signal. Optionally, eight pre-selector filters can be used on the receiver branch, here the same filter boards are used as on the FDM-DUO-R receiver or on the QSF-06 external filter. A switchable, three-stage attenuator ensures correct adaptation of the driver signal.

The power amplifiers are equipped with a powerful 240V power supply, which can supply not only the power stage, but also a QRP transceiver with up to 2A current consumption. A DC voltage input is also available on the 60W Version, not on 120W version. The good thing about this is that both supply paths can be connected at the same time, and if the 240V network fails, the DC supply automatically takes over, for example from a rechargeable battery. This is perfect for a remote-controlled station or for emergency radio operation with an uninterruptible power supply. (This applies only to the 60W Version, the 120W can be supplied only by the built-in power supply.

The large, color TFT display has a resolution of 800x480 pixels. During normal operation, the transmit power and the input power are displayed with easy-to-read analog instruments. Optionally you can switch to a SWR display or to the display with reflected power. Other data such as temperature, voltage, current consumption, operating status etc. are also shown. Operation is via six pushbuttons below the display.

Elad offers four models of the DUO-ART amplifier:

  • DUO-ART 60W without antenna tuner

  • DUO-ART 60W with antenna tuner

  • DUO-ART 120W without antenna tuner

  • DUO-ART 120W with antenna tuner

In any case, 5 W control power is sufficient to achieve full output power on the short wave bands of 80 to 10m. On 160 and 6m at 5W IN about 100 or 50W OUT is reached. A maximum of 10W IN is permissible. The gain is 14 or 13 dB typ. and 15 dB max. The US version has a bypass for the range of 26-30 MHz (0 dB gain), the version offered in Europe does work on these bands with full power. WiMo only offers the EU version. Different sensors are available as protection circuits: temperature too high, SWR too high and input power too high. In addition, there are warning messages for various error states of the processor, which makes it easy to diagnose a problem. Four internal 50mm fans ensure sufficient cooling of the amplifier stage. The DUO-ART power amplifiers have a size of 11 x 18 x 27cm and a weight of 3.5 kg.

The DUO-ART amplifiers offer three operating modes (called interfaces):

  • FDM-DUO: This mode is used for very close cooperation with the Elad FDM-DUO QRP Transceiver, which is also remotely controlled from te amp.

  • FT-817: In this mode the amplifier offers a CAT integration with the Yaesu FT-817/FT-818, for example the band filter selection is automatic.

  • Generic: In 'Generic' mode the DUO-ART amp works with any transceiver, band switching is automatic, you just need the HF and PTT cables.

Technical Data
Product Name DUO-ART-120A
Brand Elad
Max. Power [W] 120 W

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