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The Receiver Guard Module RG5000HD-PM is intended as an option for the NCC-2 and other devices. In the case of the RG5000HD variant, which is also available and can be used universally, the module is located in a housing with BNC connectors and is simply looped into the antenna line.

The RG5000HD(-PM) works as a limiter for extremely strong RF signals, protecting the sensitive receiver against destruction. This situation can always occur if, for example, you are operating closely spaced transmit and receive antennas, participating in a fieldday with many stations or a multi/multi contest, or even if you have only one active radio amateur in the vicinity.

The limiter works with a combination of gas discharge cartridge and an elaborate R/C filter. The usable frequency range is 500 kHz to 150 MHz , the insertion loss only 0.15 dB at 50 MHz. At very high input levels these are diverted, at normal levels the limiter does not appear at all in order not to impair the normal reception characteristics.

The Receive Guard 5000HD-PM limiter is designed as an add-on module for the NCC-2 antenna phasing system, and can also be used in other DX Engineering assemblies.

Technical Data
Product Name DX Engineering Receiver Guard
Brand DX Engineering

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