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DXPatrol QO-100 Full Duplex Groundstation

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Top Features

  • Perfect for QO-100
  • Max. 10 W transmitting power
  • LNB with 10 MHz reference
  • GPSDO for high accuracy

Supply Scope

  • QO-100 Ground Station
  • LNB modified
  • GPS antenna
  • Power cable

Technical description QO-100 Groundstation Full Duplex

Get on the air on QO-100 in no time! This is possible with the QO-100 Groundstation, very easy, only the antennas, some cables and the repeater are needed.

The DXPatrol Simplex QO-100 ground station includes a downward mixer (in the LNB) that converts the satellite signal to the 70cm band. Also included is an upward mixer that converts the broadcast signal from 70cm to 2.4 GHz. A power amplifier provides a maximum of 10 W transmitting power, so satellite operation is possible even with relatively small antennas, for example with a helix antenna.

To keep the received and transmitted signal as stable as possible, the internal PLL is connected to the supplied GPS antenna and precisely synchronised.
The 70 cm transmit signal should not be stronger than 250 mW. A PTT line is not necessary, the QO-100 ground station works with an HF vox. However, a wired PTT control is possible through a modification, a socket for this is already provided. The levels can be adjusted within certain limits, see manual.

A number of protective mechanisms ensure interference-free operation. For example, the SWR of the transmitting antenna is checked, the temperature of the output stage and the input voltage, The QO-100 ground station requires 12-14 V rectified voltage. approx. 3 A.

Application description QO-100 Groundstation Full Duplex

Detailed information is provided by Frank, DL5AAR in his test report.

For operation, two 75 Ohm coaxial cables with F-connectors to the LNB are necessary, plus a 50 Ohm coaxial cable to the 2.4 GHz transmitting antenna. Then, of course, the transmitting antenna, a satellite dish for reception and an all-mode transceiver that can be operated on 70cm. It is important that the transceiver's transmitting power can be set to a very low level of about 250 to 500 mW. And of course the whole thing has to be supplied with power, 13.8 V/3A are necessary.

The enclosed GPS antenna should be positioned as freely as possible for operation, so that many satellites can be received. As soon as the PLL is synchronised by the GPS clock and runs with high accuracy, you can start. The transmitting power of up to 10 watts on 2.4 GHz makes it possible to use relatively small transmitting antennas.

At the touch of a button, the display shows the transmitting power, the receiving level, the GPS signal incl. locator and the serial number of the unit.  This makes it easy to make the necessary settings and facilitates precise alignment of the antenna.

Technical Data
Product Name QO-100 Groundstation Full Duplex
Brand DXpatrol
Supply Voltage [V] 12 - 14 V
With 10 MHz reference input es
Weight 2 kg
Size W x H x D 33 x 22 x 18 cm
DXPatrol QO-100 Full Duplex Groundstation
DXPatrol QO-100 Full Duplex Groundstation

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