In: 2m-23cm
Out: 13cm
Pwr 23dBm
HF Vox

DXpatrol QO-100 Upconverter Mk4

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Top Features

  • IF adjustable 10m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm
  • Max. 200 mW output power
  • Max. 3-6 Watt input power
  • Internal or external 10 MHz clock

Supply Scope

  • QO-100 Up-Converter Mk4

Technical description

The QO-100 upconverter (upconverter) converts an input signal to the 13cm (2.4 GHz) band, suitable for operation via the QO-100 satellite. The frequency band of the input signal can be selected, depending on the available transmitter. Input signals of 10m, 2m, 70cm or 23cm are possible. The input power should be approx. 1 to 3 watts and must not exceed 6 watts.

A highly stable 10 MHz oscillator signal must be available for mixing the signals. The QO-100 Upconverter Mk4 comes with a stable, internal TCXO. Alternatively, an external reference signal, for example from a GPSDO, can be fed in. The output signal is of high spectral purity, undesired mixed products are suppressed with 50 dB or more.

The QO-100 upconverter from CT1FFU is supplied either in a metal housing or as a PCB. All RF connections are SMA sockets, the power supply must be 10 to 15 V, current consumption approx. 300 mA.

Application description

To become QRV on the QO-100 satellite, a clean transmit signal on the 13cm band (2.4 GHz) is required. So that existing station equipment can continue to be used, an up-converter is often used here. The transmit signal can be provided by a shortwave or VHF transceiver. The QO-100 Up-Converter Mk4 by CT1FFU can be set to the bands 10m, 2m, 70cm or 23cm.

The 10 MHz oscillator signal required for mixing is generated by the unit itself through a TCXO. If a very accurate 10 MHz reference signal is available, for example from a frequency standard or a GPSDO, it can be fed in from outside.

The QO-100 Upconverter Mk4 works with an HF vox, so no separate PTT line is necessary. The drive power should be between 1 and 3 watts, depending on the band. The output power of 200 mW may be sufficient to operate over the satellite if the antenna gain is suitable. If no large antennas are available, an optional amplifier must be used.

Technical Data
Product Name DXpatrol QO-100 Upconverter Mk4
Brand DXpatrol
Supply Voltage [V] 10 - 15 V
Size W x H x D 77 x 67 mm
With 10 MHz reference input es
DXpatrol QO-100 Upconverter Mk4
DXpatrol QO-100 Upconverter Mk4

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