RigBlaster DXPRO universal Sound- and CAT Interface

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Supply Scope

  • RigBlaster DXPRO Interface
  • 3.5mm audio cable, stereo, 180cm
  • Microphone cable RJ-45/(-pol Foster, 100 cm
  • 12V DC power cord with Powerpole connectors
  • USB cable, 180cm
  • DVD with drivers, user manual (EN, PDF, sample programs)
  • Accessories like ISC headers etc.

The RigBlaster DX-Pro is a fully integrated interface for all modes, both local and remote.

The DXPRO offers a sound card interface with two channels, allowing operation in contest with two VFOs or two radios at the same time. This earns more points in the contest. The interface is completely galvanically isolated from the transceiver to avoid ground loops.

The CAT interface can be configured quickly and easily using the supplied jumpers (ISC headers), and supports over 60 transceivers from Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft and Alinco. The CAT interface supports RS-232 or TTL levels, as required. The PTT line is keyed via a mechanical relay, so traditional transceivers can also be operated without problems.

The DXPRO interface offers a variety of connection options for further peripherals to complete the integration into the station. In addition, it offers more options for influencing the existing station during remote operation. A switchable 12V output is provided, for example, to switch an SDR or a TNC on and off. Up to three sequencer outputs control preamplifiers and other peripheral devices depending on the PTT. One input allows real hardware squelch, for example for Echolink stations.

Phone operation is also supported

The transceiver's microphone is routed through the RigBlaster DXPRO interface to control the sequencer. The audio signal is completely isolated from the rest of the system to avoid hum loops. This signal routing also allows announcements for the voice keyer to be recorded directly with the station mic. Due to the clever design of the configuration by the ISC headers, it does not matter whether the radio has an RJ-45 or 8-pin round connector (Foster socket). An adapter cable is supplied.

The levels for transmit and receive are set directly on the RigBlaster DXPRO for local operation, thus eliminating the somewhat difficult setting via the volume control of the operating system.

Digimodes perfect

The sound card interface of the DXPRO offers two audio channels. This allows operation with transceivers that provide separate audio signals for the two VFOs or Main/Sub VFOs. The result is smooth operation as a single-op dual VFO (SO2V) or single-op dual radio (SO2R, requires additional cables).

This makes not only phone operation but also the use of digimodes such as RTTY, PSK31, FT-4/FT-8 etc. very easy. For transceivers with real FSK keying, the RB DX-PRO interface also offers detection of so-called "pseudo-FSK" via the right audio channel when transmitting, as offered by the widely used program FLDIGI. The same applies to CW, i.e. direct and precise telegraphic keying by means of an audio signal on the right channel.

Technical Data
Product Name DX-Pro
Brand RigBlaster
RigBlaster DXPRO universal Sound- and CAT Interface
RigBlaster DXPRO universal Sound- and CAT Interface

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €397.90

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