EAntenna 432LFA Yagis for 432 MHz

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Top Features

  • Low noise LFA dipole
  • High gain
  • No balun required
  • Transmit power up to 10 kW

Supply Scope

  • 432LFA Yagi antenna
  • Mast mount
  • Guying material (432LFA23 and 432LFA30 only)
  • Tools
  • Manual

Technical description

LFA Yagis differ significantly from traditional Yagi designs.

The LFA ("Loop Fed Array") has a rectangular dipole with 1λ length. The dipole lies flat on the boom in the same plane as the parasitic elements. The outer sides of the dipole are parallel to the boom and are designed to be exactly in phase opposition (±180°).

This causes signals on these sides to cancel each other out, resulting in significantly reduced side lobes, low G/T values, and a better front-to-back ratio.

This concept can be applied to almost any boom length.

LFA Yagis have 50Ω impedance and do not need any lossy transformations.

Application description

We offer the 432LFA Yagi antennas in different variants. So you can choose the right antenna for your special application.

  • 432LFA11: Boom length only 2.06 m, 11 elements, 2-piece boom

  • 432LFA12: With a length of only 2.35 m, the 432LFA12 is similarly compact as the 432LFA11, but has 12 elements and offers a gain of 20.85 dBi at a mounting height of 10 m above ground. The boom also consists of 2 parts.

  • 432LFA15: The two-piece, 3.22 m long boom consists of 2 parts and carries 15 elements. The gain above ground, e.g. at a setup height of 10 m, is 21.19 dBi.

  • 432LFA18: This medium size antenna has 18 elements and provides good gain values. In this case, it is 23.57 dBi when the antenna is installed 10 m above ground. The three-piece boom has a length of 4.30 m. A guy wires are not yet required.

  • 432LFA23: Due to its length of 5.90 m, a guy of the 4-part boom is already provided here. The required rigging material is of course included in the scope of delivery. The 432LFA23 is the second largest model of the series and achieves with its 23 elements a gain over ground of 24.65 dBi, at a mounting height of 10 m.

  • 432LFA30: The 432LFA30 is the top model of the series. It also features a multi-part boom, in this case it consists of 5 parts. The total length is considerable 8.25 m on which 30 elements find place. Since this antenna is also supplied with guy wires for the boom, it is suitable for wind speeds up to a maximum of 160 km/h despite its size.
Technical Data
Product Name EAntenna 432LFA Yagis for 432 MHz
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Band 70cm
Brand EAntenna
Frequency Range 432 - 433 MHz
Max. Power [W] 10000 W
Polarisation Horizontal
Balun Included No, not required
Strut no
EAntenna 432LFA Yagis for 432 MHz
EAntenna 432LFA Yagis for 432 MHz

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As low as: €166.50
incl. VAT, plus shipping €139.92

In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

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