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EAntenna Double Bazooka Dipoles

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Top Features

  • Larger bandwidth
  • High power
  • Robust construction

Supply Scope

  • Double Bazooka antenna
  • Isolators
  • Instruction

Technical description

With a classic dipole, the resistance value and the reactance (reactive component) at the feed point diverge rapidly with increasing frequency - the SWR deteriorates. The Double Bazooka antenna is an approach to improve this behaviour.

Instead of a simple wire, the Double Bazooka antenna uses coaxial cable as a radiator at the feed point and a conventional wire as a radiator further out. This coaxial cable serves as a transformation line, which ensures that the reactance at the feed point is compensated to some extent with increasing frequency. This results in a flatter SWR curve and the antenna can be used over a wider frequency range even without a tuner.

Like many other antennas, the Bazooka is a compromise. Here, the compromise is greater bandwidth at the expense of slightly reduced efficiency and increased weight.   The transformation line in the middle causes slight losses, but they are usually so small that they are hardly measurable with amateur means. In addition, because of the larger bandwidth, one can usually do without other lossy matching elements such as a tuner.

The higher weight of the thick cable is compensated by the robust construction of the EAntenna Double Bazooka. One advantage of the antenna is its high load capacity in terms of transmitting power. The EAntenna Double Bazooka is supplied with a connection box with PL socket.

Application description

The Double Bazooka is a dipole variation that achieves a wider bandwidth than a classic dipole by transforming the coaxial cable in the middle. A big advantage of the Bazooka antenna is the lower noise, the radiator is grounded, unlike a classic dipole.

The Double Bazooka, like any dipole, can be set up either horizontally or as an 'inverted vee' antenna. In the case of stretched suspension, the directional diagram of the antenna has clear nulls in the direction of the wire. This can be used if the direction of the antenna can be freely chosen, for example to suppress QRM. When mounted as an 'inverted vee', the antenna has an omnidirectional characteristic. As with all antennas, the feed point should be mounted as high as possible.

The length of the feed line is not important, any 50 Ohm coaxial cable of any length can be used here. The connection to the Bazooka is a PL socket. Due to the construction without highly lossy matching elements such as resonant circuits or a balun, the power is only limited by the coaxial cable. The EAntenna Double Bazooka can be loaded with up to 4000 W PEP.

Technical Data
Product Name EAntenna Double Bazooka Dipoles
Balun Included No, not required
Antenna Type Dipole
Design of antenna Double Bazooka
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Brand EAntenna
Max. Power [W] 4000 W
Connector SO-239
Impedance (Ω) 50
EAntenna Double Bazooka Dipoles
EAntenna Double Bazooka Dipoles

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As low as: €44.00
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