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EAntenna G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas

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Top Features

  • Low cost, popular HF antenna
  • Wide range, different sizes
  • High power: 1500 W

Supply Scope

  • EAntenna G5RV/ZS6BKS dipole
  • Isolator
  • Manual

Technical description

The dipole antennas named after G5RV consist of a dipole made of steel wire and a feed line made of "Twin Wire" with a fixed length. This feed line is terminated with a PL socket, here a 50 Ohm coaxial cable of any length is connected. The twin wire used provides a transformation and is part of the antenna.

Due to this arrangement, this relatively short antenna is electrically resonant on all specified bands. The SWR is then in the low impedance range of 1:1 to 1:4. A tuner is necessary for operation in most cases. The tuner can also compensate for the occurring reactive components, so the G5RV antenna also works on the non-resonant bands (30, 17, 12m) with slightly reduced efficiency.

The EAntenne G5RV and ZS6BKW antennas are offered with two different feed lines: one with 300 Ohm, one with 450 OHm. The 450 Ohm version has a 1m longer feed line and slightly lower losses. The version with 300 ohms is somewhat lighter.

The ZS6BKW antenna is a modification of the G5RV antenna. The dipole has been optimised for a shorter length, but the feed line is longer.

Application description

G5RV and ZS6BKW dipoles are very popular multi-band or all-band antennas. This is due to the flexible application possibilities, because the G5RV can be hung either stretched or angled, also as an "inverted vee". In this way, the available space can be better utilised. Depending on the length of the dipole, the 80 and 160m bands are also covered. The feed line should be routed as perpendicularly as possible away from the dipole, as well as hanging as freely as possible.

The 300 Ohm version has a 1m shorter feed line and is a bit lighter, which also helps to find a good installation site for this antenna. The maximum permissible transmission power is 400 W PEP. The lighter version of the antenna can also be used as a vertical antenna with the help of a fibreglass mast. One leg of the dipole is placed high on the mast, the other half of the dipole serves as a radial, the feed line as a second radial.

The version G5RV SXL (article 17912.SXK300 and 17912.SXL450) has a shortened dipole, here loading coils are used to limit the dipole length to 21.5m.

The shorter dipole of a ZS6BKW comes at the price of a longer supply cable, but sometimes this is the better solution for certain situations with limited space.

Technical Data
Product Name EAntenna G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas
Antenna Type Dipole
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Brand EAntenna
Max. Power [W] 1500 W
Connector SO-239
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
EAntenna G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas
EAntenna G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas

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As low as: €74.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping €62.18

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