Ecoflex Multicore Hybrid cable, per m

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The Ecoflex Multicore cable by SSB Electronic is something very special and versatile. In an outer jacket of just 12mm diameter the hybrid combines three different cable types:

  • one low loss coaxial cable which has similar technical data as Aircell-5 by SSB Electronic, usable up to the GHZ range,

  • one three wire power cable for max. 240V/10A,

  • two four wire, shielded twisted pair cables for data lines, telephone, remote control purposes etc.

This universal cable greatly facilitates the design of complex installations. For example you can hook up the RF antenna, switchable pre-amplifier and remote controlled antenna switch with just one cable. The power line can be used to supply a strong floodlight, for heating the enclosure of a surveillance camera or other large power loads. Or you connect the remote operated radio in the neighbouring building, including the supply of an Ethernet network.

Technical details of the SSB Electronic Multicore cable

  • Coaxial: approx. 5mm OD, double shield, solid center conductor. Attenuation see Aircell-5 above

  • Power: 1x LIY, 3x 1.5mm, max. 240V, 10A, colours brown/blue/green-yellow

  • Data: 2x LIY(ST), 4 wire twisted pair, 0.35mm, shielded, suitable up to max. 1MBit/s @40m length
Technical Data
Product Name Ecoflex Multicore