ELAD Down Converter from 739/430/144 to 144/50 MHz

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  • Elad Down Converter

HF Down Converter for various applications, also for QO-100 reception with LNB.

A very simple way to become active on new frequency bands is to use a down converter. This converter mixes the desired band to another (amateur radio) band, for which an existing receiver is then used. The advantage of this solution is that the down-converter can be built very robustly and efficiently, and a proven receiver with known capabilities can be used. This receiver can of course also be an SDR receiver.

Elad offers a range of down-converters that cover all the usual frequency ranges with a wide variety of band combinations. Especially interesting is the converter from 739 MHz to an amateur radio band like 2m or 6m. This is because 739 MHz is the usual IF of an LNB as used for satellite reception. This makes reception of the QO-100 geostationary amateur radio satellite very easy. The Elad down converters are robustly built and have a sensitive receiver input. To offer greater flexibility in use, this down converter does not have a phantom power supply for the LNB. Therefore, a separate BIAS-T must still be used, for example Elad BT-FS-xx (WiMo 26139). In addition to the power supply, this voltage injector also takes care of the impedance change from 50 to 75 ohms to the LNB. The downward mixer has SMA sockets for input and output (50 Ohm), the voltage supply is via solder tag or via a feed-through capacitor. Versions for 5V and 12V are available. Current consumption approx. 350 mA at 5V, approx. 200 mA at 12 V. The mixer is housed in a robust and HF-tight metal casing, weight 133 g.

The following band combinations are offered as 5V or 12V versions:

  • from 144 to 50 MHz
  • from 430 to 50 MHz
  • from 739 to 50 MHz
  • from 739 to 144 MHz
Technical Data
Product Name ELAD Down Converter from 739/430/144 to 144/50 MHz
Brand Elad
Size W x H x D 85 x 56 x 14 mm

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