ERC-DUO USB-Interface f. Yaesu rotators

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Supply Scope

  • ERC-DUO interface
  • USB A / B cable
  • 6p MiniDIN / 6p MiniDIN cable
  • Printed Quickstart-Guide, EN

Developed in Germany The ERC-DUO is a compact interface to connect compatible Yaesu rotors to a computer via USB. You can use all Yaesu rotors with 6-pin MiniDIN or 8-pin DIN 'Ext. Control' connector, a suitable 6-pin MiniDIN cable is included, 8-pin DIN must be purchased separately. The ERC-DUO offers connections up to two rotors at the same time to support satellite antenna systems with azimuth and elevation motors. 

The ERC-DUO interface uses the Yaesu rotor control protocol, just like the GS-232A/GS-232B interface by Yaesu. This makes this interface compatible to nearly all rotor control programs on the market.

A major difference and advantage of the ERC-DUO vs. the RTC-200 is that the interface does not require an external supply voltage. The device is powered by the same USB port.

For installation a driver must be downloaded from the FTDI website:

Calibration tool, user manual and Control software can be can be downloaded from the URL indicated in the documentation inside the product box.

List of supported Yaesu Rotors

  • G-800DXA

  • G-1000DXA

  • G-2800DXA

  • G-5500

  • all other models with an 'Ext. Control' socket

Technical Data
Product Name ERC-DUO
Brand Alba de Schmidt
Weight 62 g
Size W x H x D 50 x 30 x 63 mm

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