European platform for Online Dispute Resolution

Since 2016 the EU commission offers a platform, which helps consumers in Europe in case of conflicts with online vendors based in the EU. The goal is to resolve disputes fast, without complications, and out of court. WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH is liable — as most companies in Europe — to participate at this platform system.

In a conflict case and when the consumer want's to use the ODR platform, the process is roughly as follows:

  1. The customer submits his complaint online on the ODR platform website at
  2. The dealer is informed about this and submits an ADR proposal
  3. The customer selects from the proposed ADR guidelines
  4. Both parties agree to the ADR guidelines, or
  5. The ODR platform helps in case of unresolvable conflicts
  6. The case is resolved

[ADR]: Alternative Dispute Resolution [ODR]: Online Dispute Resolution platform

For information about which measures can be offered and taken under these guidelines please visit the website of the EU commission.

In case of questions we are happy to help, please send us an email to [email protected]

The ODR website of the EU commission is available at