bhi Loudspeaker EXTSPK25 25W

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Supply Scope

  • bhi speaker EXTSPK25
  • Mounting bracket
  • 2m long cable (3.5mm mono jack plug)

The bhi 2-way EXTSPK25 loudspeaker is optimised for radio applications and can be used directly with almost all radios, or audio systems such as the ParaPRO EQ-20 equaliser or the bhi 'Inline Module' for noise reduction.

By transmitting the frequency range from 70 to 18000 Hz, intelligibility is very good, and the large area of the speaker systems produces a pleasant and full sound. The EXTSPK25 is supplied with a mounting bracket for easy wall or shelf mounting. Maximum load 25W RMW, connection 2x screw connectors. A 2m long cable with 3.5mm mono jack plug is included.

Technical Data
Product Name EXTSPK25
Impedance [Ohm] 8
Brand bhi
Weight 1.5 kg
Size W x H x D 160 x 150 mm

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