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Supply Scope

  • Slingshot with 100m fishing line
  • Reel with 150m red nylon rope
  • 5 pcs. Weights with quick release
The EZ-HANG slingshot is the only quality steel constructed slingshot with a patented design. The unique EZ-HANG attaches a quality fishing reel in front, which enables the user to shoot a line 100 feet or more (both horizontally and vertically) with a single shot!

The EZ-HANG shoots a 1 oz. bright yellow weight with a quick disconnect clip attached to 300 feet of 10-lb. test monofilament line. Once you make a shot, disconnect the weight and clip on the yellow nylon rope provided, reel it back, then pull up your antenna.
Technical Data
Product Name EzHang
Brand EZhang

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