Radio Mate Keypad f. FT-817/FT-857/FT-897

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The Radio Mate compact keypad for the Yaesu FT817, FT857 and FT897 enables the user to get the best out of their radio. It has been designed to make many of the common functions quick and easy to use. The keypad does this with a number of fast, effective shortcuts. The keypad is mounted on a sturdy aluminium plate giving it a quality robust feel, enabling it to be used in the field. Requiring no external power, it connects to the 8pin CAT interface of the radio. An LED indicates the current mode, red for the memory mode, green for the direct frequency entry mode and yellow for the modulation mode.

It is also suitable for people who find some of the controls on their radio difficult to use.The Radio Mate compact keypad enables the following shortcuts to be initiated:

  • Quick easy band change at touch of a button (by using the onboard memories)

  • Quick and easy modulation selection in any mode to any mode by a single selection

  • Quick memory function (0-9), press to recall, press and hold to store (Freq & mode)

  • Quick and easy intelligent direct frequency input

  • Swap VFO A/B using the (.) key

  • VFO A=B using a long press of the (.) key
  • Split VFO mode by pressing the Clr button

  • Tune function enabling up to a 10 second carrier to tune an ATU

When using the F817-KBD on a FT-897/857 you cannot use a tuner FC-30 or FC-40 simultaneously, because the tuners requrie exclusive access to the CAT interface. Although other tuners like the LDG AT-897 can't be used either. The AT-897 does offer an additional CAT interface, but requires the use of a certain baudrate, different than that of the keyboard, preventing a simultaneous use.
Technical Data
Product Name F817-KBD
Brand bhi

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