Yaesu battery case 6x AA f. FT-10/40/50

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The Yaesu Vertex FBA-21 battery case is suitable for:

   - Yaesu FT-10R
   - Yaesu FT-40R
   - possibly also Yaesu FT-41R (without guarantee)
   - Yaesu FT-50R
   - Vertex VX-10
   - Vertex VXA-100

The Yaesu FBA-21 battery case allows the operation of the radio with 6 batteries of type AA/R6/Mignon.

Please note the following:

    When using rechargeable batteries, charge them before use according to the instructions of the appropriate original charger !
    To ensure a long service life, please avoid continuous charging and charging half-full batteries!
    Remove the batteries from the instrument if it is not used for a longer period of time !
    If the performance decreases noticeably, it is time to replace the batteries.
    Batteries must not be burned, short-circuited or opened.
    Please dispose of batteries properly, protect our environment !
    Any store that sells rechargeable batteries and batteries will take them back for disposal at no charge to you.

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Technical Data
Product Name FBA-21
Brand Yaesu
Yaesu battery case 6x AA f. FT-10/40/50
Yaesu battery case 6x AA f. FT-10/40/50

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €19.24

No longer available

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