Elad FDM-S1 SDR Rx

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Supply Scope

  • FDM-S1 SDR receiver
  • USB stick with software, PDF Manuals (EN)
  • USB cable
  • Adapter SMA / BNC
Compact SDR Receiver with DRM, range up to 30 or 170MHz!

Elad (Italy) does offer various SDRs for several years. Based on this experience the FDM-S1 was designed as a very compact receiver with many outstanding features. The low power consumption of just 2.2W makes the FDM-S1 an ideal travel companion for your notebook computer. Optionally partially populated boards are available, offering place for many own experiments and improvements.

Like most Hi-End SDRs the receiver uses a direct sampling of the HF radio spectrum, with a sample rate of 61.44 MHz. The signal is analog/digital converted with a 14 bit ADC and processed digitally. The connection to the computer is done with a high speed USB 2.0 cable.

The standard receiving range is from 20 kHz up to 30MHz. When using the 'undersampling' function, the receiving range is extended up to 170MHz, albeit with reduced specifications. A maximum spectrum width of 150kHz can be displayed. As usual with SDRs this spectrum can be recorded and later be used for further analysis.

A special feature of the FDM-S1 is the integrated DRM decoder. Without the need of additional software installation, DRM transmissions can be decoded out of the box. That is much easier than with other SDRs. Of course the FDM-S1 can decode all other standard modes as well: U/LSB, DSB, CW, AM, Synchron-AM, FM, W-FM etc.

The filter width can be set very precisely and individually per mode. And here it is where the experience of the manufacturer Elad shows: even with the smallest filter width setting of 100Hz no ringing can be heard.

Included in shipment is the software FDM-SW1, which offers clean looks, comfortable operation and many inventive features. The patent pending tuning system offers three mouse operated dials fpr 'coarse', 'middle' and 'fine' tuning, resulting in a very precise and fast tuning over the entire range. But tuning can be done very nicely with the keyboard as well. A directly accessible recorder allows storage of received transmissions with a click of the mouse.

Further the FDM-SW1 software allows to define an indefinite number of band segments, where mode, filter and tuning steps are pre defined. Each frequency can be stored in memories, only limited by disk storage space. A transmission schedule for DRM is supplied with the software.

Instead of the supplied software other programs can be used as well. The FDM-S1 works also with the "Studio1" software (non free), as well as with the free (as in free beer) HDSDR software.

The "Ext I/O" connector is used to control extensions of the FDM-S1. This socket offers for example a "Mute" input, used to mute the receiver when transmitting with another radio. Further the ExtIO offers frequency information and various switching signals, to used for example for antenna selection, band filters etc. With these functions the FDM-S1 offers many possibilities for own experiments, unlike other SDRs.

Size 108 x 27 x 88mm, weight 180g.

As most software the programs for the Elad FDM-S1 are continously developed and extended. For example the manufacturer plans a server component, which will allow remote operations. This server will reduce the required bandwidth, so that slow data lines can be used for remote access. Unfortunately it is not known at the moment, if this software extension will be available for free or as a payable option.
Technical Data
Product Name FDM-S1
Brand Elad
Weight 180 g
Elad FDM-S1 SDR Rx
Elad FDM-S1 SDR Rx

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €310.08

Ordered only on customer request, delivery time approx. 21 days

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