HD-Fibre glass mast

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  • 10m HD Mast

'Heavy Duty' fiberglass pole in reinforced version.

The diameter of the top tube is approx. 11mm at the top and approx. 45.8mm at the bottom. The wall thickness is approx. 1mm at the top and approx. 2mm at the bottom. Thus the mast hardly bends and carries safely small antennas like VHF Yagis, LogPer antennas or also light(!) wire antennas. Of course you can also mount cameras, light anemometers etc. on top of the mast.

The HD fiberglass mast consists of a total of 10 segments.

The bottom plug is flush with the bottom tube, so it does not increase the diameter. This lower plug cannot be removed, it is glued in place. This means that you cannot remove segments from the mast that you do not need. If you need less than the total height, you can use only the thinner upper segments.

Diameter of the tubes, respectively at the upper tube end (all approx. values): 11, 14.5, 17.1, 20.7, 24.3, 27.5, 31.1, 34.6, 38.6, 43.2mm.

Mast extension for 10m HD mast

The HD fiberglass mast 18333.10 can be equipped with up to five extension tubes. This way the mast becomes longer by a total of approx. 4.5m. One extension consists of an approx. 112 cm long, very solid fiberglass plug-in mast tube (item 18334), as well as a thick-walled adapter tube (item 18334.01) that connects the two parts (HD mast and first extension). Each additional extension fits into the previous extension without an adapter.

The first extension lengthens the 10m HD mast by only approx. 66cm due to the strong overlap, each further extension then adds approx. 97cm. With max. 5 extensions a total extension of the 10m mast of 4.54m is possible. One extension has a diameter of approx. 50mm at the top and 56mm at the bottom. Weight of the extension approx. 560g, weight of the adapter tube approx. 310g.

The extension tubes can also be used alone to build a solid tubular mast. The number of tubes is limited only by the head load and possibly provided guy wires. Here you could use the approx. 40cm long adapter tube once as a head piece to build a very solid antenna mount.

Technical Data
Product Name 18333.10
Extended Length 10
Tube Diameter bottom/top [mm] 46/11
Number of segments 10.0000
Weight 1.7 kg
Material Glass Fibre reinforced plastic
Color Black
Brand CG-Antenna

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