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  • FLEX-6700
  • FHM-3 Hand Mic
  • DC Power Cable
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For highest demands FlexRadio offers the model Flex-6700. This transceiver is the most powerful SDR transceiver of the FlexRadio 6000 series in terms of computing power and receiver data. As with the 6600, reception is by direct sampling at 245 Ms/s via a 16-bit A/D converter. The following components (FPGA, processor) are even more powerful than the other FlexRadio devices and thus offer up to 8 independent receivers (2 on the 6400, 4 on the 6600). Each of the receivers can display up to 14 MHz spectrum and waterfall, each receiver has its own Digital Audio Channel (DAX). So, with the appropriate software, up to 8 digital signals can be decoded simultaneously.

The receiver offers an impressive dynamic range (RMDR) of 116 dB, making it extremely robust against large signal interference. The frequency range of the receiver extends from 30 kHz to 72 MHz and from 135-165 MHz. On the transmit side, 100W transmit power is available from 160 to 6m, an automatic antenna tuner is built in. The transverter output delivers typ. 0 dBm in the whole frequency range from 30 kHz to 72 MHz and from 135-165 MHz. So also amateur radio bands like 2200 m, 630m and 4m are available with low power. The two antenna connectors can be used simultaneously on different bands for reception, also in the combination of short wave and 2m VHF. This allows SO2R operation with only one transceiver - perfect for the contest.

The Flex-6700 transceiver is 19" wide and 2U high and can therefore easily be integrated into a 19" rack system. The 6700 is operated via the network - connected either via wired Ethernet or via built-in Wifi. The same SmartSDR software for Windows or IOS (iPhone, iPad) is available as the user interface. Trouble-free remote operation is possible with the optional SmartLink software. The optional Maestro Console offers operation just like a traditional radio with screen and VFO button - from anywhere in the world, even wirelessly.

Technical Data
Product Name Flex-6700
6 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
Brand FlexRadio
Weight 5.9 kg
Bluetooth Interface No

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