Flexa FX-2XX Yagis 144 MHz, 4 - 11 elements

Flexa FX-2XX Yagis 144 MHz, 4 - 11 elements

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Top Features

  • Power rating: 800 watts
  • incl. Teflon balun
  • 5 variants

Supply Scope

  • Flexayagi VHF Yagi
  • mast clamp
  • lower strut (FX-217 and FX-224 only)

Technical description

Boom and lower strut of Flexa Yagi FX-2XX series are made of special light metal, clamp fastening of the elements with special stainless steel clamp. The elements are made of stainless steel, the mast clamp is hot-dip galvanized.

The element lengths and distances follow the DL6WU scheme. Low SWR over a wide frequency range is achieved by using folded dipoles and Teflon baluns. The molded dipole housings are equipped with N-type connectors. The impedance is 50 Ω.

The VHF Yagis can be loaded with max. 800 Watt transmit power. 

Application description

The right antenna for every application: We offer the Flexa FX-2xx VHF Yagis in different versions; From the compact FX-205v with only 119 cm short boom for foremast mounting to the 491 cm long FX-224 with 11 elements. 

  • FX-205v: With 4 elements, boom length 119 cm, foremast mounting
  • FX-210: With 6 elements, boom length 215 cm
  • FX-213: With 7 elements, boom length 276 cm
  • FX-217: With 9 elements, boom length 348 cm, with lower strut
  • FX-224: With 11 elements, boom length 491 cm, with lower strut
Technical Data
Product Name Flexa FX-2XX Yagis 144 MHz, 4 - 11 elements
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Antenna Guying No
Band 2m
Brand Flexa Yagi
Frequency Range 144-146 MHz
Max. Power [W] 800 W
Polarisation Hor or Vert.
Balun Included Yes
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 63 mm
Max. Windspeed (km/h) 160

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