FoxRex-3500 Foxoring Receiver

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Supply Scope

  • RED-FOX-3500 mini direction finder
  • simple headphones
  • Mini tracking device
The FoxRex-3500 is based on the successful 'FJRX85' receiver design by N. Roethe, DF1FO. Consequently the customer can expect a lightweight and solid receiver, which is easy to use, even during a competition event.

The Foxrex-3500 works in the frequency range from 3490 to 3660 kHz (80m band). It can store up to 4 frequencies, the usual fox hunting modes like 'Classic', 'Sprint' etc are supported. A timer reminds the hunter about the approaching end of transmission of a fox. The receiving frequency can be easily adjusted in 100 Hz while on the move.

The receiver is packaged in a solid aluminium case and is shipped with two antennas. The entire setup is robust enough so the hunter can cut through the underwood on a chase, without damaging the device. The FoxRex-3500 is easy to operate, with just two push buttons the receiving direction can be switched for precise 'minimum bearing' direction finding. Optical (LC Display) and audible feedback (headphones) for signal strength and proximity alarm help to adjust the running direction without stopping.

The power supply is donewith a built in rechargeable battery, the manufacturer claims an operating time of about 40 hours. The battery can be charged by a 12 V DC source. This is ver useful because you can charge the receiver in the car. A LED signals the charging state of the battery. A built-in attenuator can be adjusted in 5 dB steps down to -110 dB. The selectivity of the receiver is about -40 dB at 8 kHz, which is absolutely sufficient for an ARDF receiver.

For operation a headphone is required. The manufacturer recommends a stereo headphone with 32 Ω impdance, the connector is a 3.5mm stereo phone plug. A simple headphone is included.


-NUmber of foxes adjustable from 2 to 10

-4 memories for frequencies

-Function lock

-Adjustable fox beacon time

-Various ARDF styles: Classic, Sprint, Foxoring, 'Czech' etc

-Acoustic proximity warning

-Acoustic S Meter

-Distance estimation

-Menu lenaguages: German, English

-Calibration of battery voltage sensor

-Calibration of frequency

-Calibration of the attenuator

-Automatic power off timer
Technical Data
Product Name FOXREX-3500
Brand RigExpert
FoxRex-3500 Foxoring Receiver
FoxRex-3500 Foxoring Receiver

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €276.47

No longer available

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