Elad FPCB-3 DIY Filter board 3pol.

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  • FPCB-3 board, unequipped
Prefilters make a decisive contribution to the good large-signal behaviour of any receiver. 

Especially in the vicinity of very strong radio stations on long or medium wave, or in contest operation at amateur radio stations, good filters are indispensable. By using filters, the input stage of a receiver is less stressed, and the possibility of undesirable mixed products is prevented from the outset. In SDR receivers, the dynamic range of the AD converter is much better utilised if unwanted strong signals are filtered out before conversion.

Elad offers bandpass filters for the amateur radio bands in addition to a range of ready-made high-pass and low-pass filters. In addition, two empty circuit boards are available that allow the user to build a three- or five-pole filter himself. In this way, the ambitious radio amateur or SWL can design completely individual filters and thus ensure optimum reception conditions.

Several of these filters can also be built into the switchable preselector SPF-08. This means that these filters are not limited to ELAD receivers.

The following filters are available:

  • FLP-500K: Low pass 500 kHz, attenuates everything above 500 kHz. The filter for the LF and VLF fan and NDB hunter, but also for the radio amateurs who are qrv on 137 or 472 kHz.
  • FHP-05: High pass 500 kHz, attenuates everything below 500 kHz, good if you live near strong LW transmitters.
  • FHP-17: High pass 1700 kHz, attenuates everything below 1700 kHz, good if you live near strong MW or LW transmitters.
  • FBP-160: Bandpass 160m amateur radio band
  • FBP-80: Bandpass 80m amateur radio band
  • FBP-40: Bandpass 40m amateur radio band
  • FBP-30: Bandpass 30m amateur band
  • FBP-20: Bandpass 20m amateur radio band
  • FBP-17: Bandpass 17m amateur band
  • FBP-15: Bandpass 15m amateur band
  • FBP-12: Bandpass 12m amateur band
  • FPCB-3: Empty board 3-pole self-build filter
  • FPCB-5: Blank board 5-pole self-build filter

Technical Data
Product Name FPCB-3
Brand Elad
Suitable for FDM-S3, QSF-06, SPF-08, FDM-DUO-R
Weight 5 g
Elad FPCB-3 DIY Filter board 3pol.
Elad FPCB-3 DIY Filter board 3pol.

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