FlexRadio 6600M

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Available from 30.04.2024

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Supply Scope

  • FlexRadio 6600M
  • FHM-2 microphone
  • DC cable Powerpole, open on one side
  • RJ-45 Ethernet cable

With the FLEX-6600M, FlexRadio offers a shortwave transceiver with greater computing power. The result is twice as many digital audio channels called 'DAX', a doubled sampling rate for the AD converter (244 instead of 122 MS/s) and thus a doubled spectrum width in the waterfall display: 14 instead of 7 MHz. This makes multiFlex operation with two users even more convenient, as the 6600 series transceivers also have two independent transmitters. In addition, the band filters are more selective, now using 7th order filters (6400: 3rd order). The number of independent receivers has also been increased from 2 to 4. In contrast to the 6400 series, the 6600/6600M has an automatic antenna tuner installed. This tuner adapts a SWR of up to 3:1. Due to the double design of the 'Spectrum Capture Units' (SCU), even diversity reception is possible, i.e. the automatic selection of an antenna input based on the signal level, with two different antennas.

All other parameters are the same as for the 6400: 100W transmit power with -60 dBc reduction of unwanted emissions (25 W in AM), all bands from 160m to 6m, all modes, the same excellent RMDR value of 115 dB @ 2kHz, etc. The remote control options are also identical: Whether Windows PC with the SmartSDR software, IOS for iPhone or iPad, or the  Maestro Console - everything is suitable for remote control of the FlexRadio transceivers of the 6600 series.

This transceiver is available as a 'BlackBox' without front panel - the model 6600. The model 6600M has a front panel control unit with 8" touch display.


The FLEX-6600M model offers all the above-mentioned features and is additionally equipped with a front panel. This makes the migration to SDR technology particularly easy, as the transceiver feels like a classic shortwave radio, but uses the latest digital technology internally.

The control panel is equipped with a brilliant touch screen with 1920x1200 pixels resolution. A wide range of functions can be accessed via this screen, such as frequency setting or selecting the operating mode. The traditional controls are intentionally placed at large distances on the front panel for easy and clear operation even in hectic contest situations. The fact that almost all of these buttons have only one function contributes to the very clear and easy to learn operation of FlexRadio transceivers.

Remote Operations

Every FlexRadio model - with or without front panel - can be easily remote controlled. The following options are available:

  • SmartSDR Software on Windows-PC
  • SmartSDR for IOS on iPhone or iPad
  • Maestro Console

This remote control can be done via the local network in a building, but also via the Internet from a great distance. No matter where you are - you can still work that rare DX station from your own station when you are sitting in the hotel! With the latest version V3 of the SmartSDR software it is even possible to operate a transceiver with two remote operators at the same time. Any mix of the above mentioned devices can be used - a PC, iPhone/iPad or the Maestro console.

Technical Data
Product Name FR-6600M
6 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
Brand FlexRadio
Weight 5.6 kg
Bluetooth Interface No

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