FSP 1296 Bias tee 23cm

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Supply Scope

  • Bias-T
  • RCA plug (Chinch)
With article number 26136 the DC connector is included in the shipment. All articles with cinch connector for DC need a seperately ordered connector.

Note concerning the selection of DC injectors

The manufacturer of the FSP-xx DC injectors, Siggi, DK4MM, writes:

Often the user thinks that he can cover all use cases with a FSP-BB for any and all bands. But in reality the FSP-BB should be used only for wide band pre-amps like the MVV-2000VOX and with low power levels.

Any wide band design is always a certain compromise. Especially when reaching the lower and upper frequency limits the FSP-BB has worse return losses than a narrow band FSP-xx. For receive situations and low power levels this is not a problem, but when using high power levels the narrow band DC injectors are preferrable in any case.
Technical Data
Product Name FSP 1296
Power connector Cinch
Brand SHF Elektronik
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.8
Max. Power [W] 100 W
Frequency Range 1240 - 1300 MHz
Connector A N Socket
Connector B N Socket
Size W x H x D 37 x 37 x 30
FSP 1296 Bias tee 23cm
FSP 1296 Bias tee 23cm

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €46.13

In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

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