Yaesu FT-8900E

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  • Yaesu FT-8900E
  • MH-48A6J DTMF microphone
  • Removal kit YSK-8900
The FT-8900 is a complete transceiver for hams who demand advanced features in a single radio.

The FT-8900 is a full FOUR BAND, i.e. the traditional V and UHF of any bi-band mobile, and in addition includes the 6 meter band, the so-called magic band for its mixed propagation capability, and the 29 MHz 10 meter band, very interesting for both local and long distance contacts in FM operation.

The FT-8900 is actually two units in one, each front section has its own volume and squelch controls, making it very easy to use when "controlling" two frequencies at the same time.

We have up to 8 possible combinations between VHF, UHF, 6m and 29 MHz, all in full duplex, dual receive mode. If we need our transceiver to work continuously at maximum power, this is where YAESU also marks distances, its 50W in VHF and 35W in UHF are real, we will not have problems that the "last step" goes to QRP because we overheat it.

The inside of the FT-8900 is equipped with a temperature sensor so that the fan automatically shuts off when the control temperature is exceeded.

Its 800 alphanumeric memories allow us to configure all available functions, including band changes via the 6 hyper memories.

The 8900's microphone allows you to assign 4 programmable buttons to the functions of your choice.

Also included is the SMART SEARCH system, which allows you to quickly search for frequencies in use and store them later.

CTCSS and DCS subtones are included as standard.

For advanced users, the FT-8900 is ready for use in satellite communications.

It allows the memory system and even takes into account Doppler shift and other characteristics of this type of communication.

Optionally, with the YSK-8900, we can install the head in the dashboard or in a nearby area and hide the independent central unit (up to 6 meters).

     - Four FM bands 29/ 50/ 144/ 430 MHz.
     - Dual band reception. V+U/V+V+V/U/U+U.
     - V+U full duplex operation.
     - Interband repeater operation.
     - Independent VOL/SQL dial and button for each band. > Ultra rugged construction.
     - Remote installation possible.
     - High power 50 W (430 MHz: 30 W).
     - Programmable microphone.   Illuminated display.
     - 50 CTCSS/104 tones - DCS coded tone system.
     - ARTS™. (Automatic ranging transponder system).
     - Intelligent Search™. (Automatic memory loading system).
     - Hypermemory. (Automatic storage of all configuration parameters).
     - Memory for 800 channels.
     - Different types of scanners.
    - RF squelch.
    - WIRES™ system (Internet gateway communication system).
    - Packet operation at 1200/9600 bps.
Technical Data
Product Name FT-8900E
Brand Yaesu
Weight 1 kg
Antenna Connector PL socket
Bluetooth Interface No

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