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Top Features

  • 300 € Yaesu Cashback
  • 200 W transmitting power from 160 m to 4 m
  • Receive range: 30 kHz to 75 MHz
  • Narrowband hybrid SDR and direct sampling SDR in parallel
  • Two receivers (main and sub-RX)
  • Large colour display with spectrum display and waterfall diagram
  • Operating modes: CW, AM, SSB, FM, RTTY, PSK
  • 600 Hz, 3 kHz, 12 kHz roofing filter Standard equipment
  • 420 x 130 x 322 mm, 14.3 / 12 kg

Supply Scope

  • FT-DX101MP EU model
  • Printed german manual and circuit diagrams
  • SP-101 loudspeaker with 48V power supply
  • SSM-75G handheld microphone
  • DC cable
  • Small parts (fuses, plugs, microphone holder)

WIMO Expert opinion

You benefit from twice the transmission power with 200 watts on the FTDX101MP, which significantly increases your signal range. The included external speaker with integrated power supply saves space and ensures a comfortable, all-inclusive audio experience. You enjoy increased flexibility in operation thanks to the supplied filters and high-quality, automatic preselection in both the main and sub-receiver.
The higher purchase price for the MP version is reflected in the extended functionality and performance, but this can be a worthwhile investment in the long term. The increased RF output power may also increase your energy requirements, but this is justified by the efficiency of the device and its extensive features.
Christoph Bothe Christoph Bothe DL4EX WiMo Head of Technical Support

Technical description FT-DX101MP

The concept of the FT-DX101 is a combination of a state-of-the-art, direct-sampling SDR and a hybrid SDR with a classic mixer and high-quality crystal filters at the intermediate frequency. In one path, the HF signal is digitised directly, but after a complex pre-filter; in the other parallel signal path the signal is mixed down to an IF of 9 MHz after the same pre-filter and only then digitised.
This two-track approach opens up many possibilities: things like a wide (max. 1 MHz) spectrum and waterfall diagram can be displayed without compromise, but at the same time the best receiver characteristics are provided for near selection: The receive branch via the IF stage is equipped with quartz rooftop filters. Here, widths of 600 Hz (CW), 3 kHz (SSB) and 12 kHz (AM) are available ex works, optionally also 300 Hz (CW) and 1.2 kHz (SSB), which are selected automatically depending on the operating mode, but can also be selected manually.
The pre-filters also contribute to the excellent receiver characteristics of the FT-DX101: Yaesu has installed 15 fixed bandpass filters, but optionally a tracking bandpass filter can also be switched on. The tracking filter is tuned via a variable variable capacitor, which is controlled by a very precise miniature stepper motor. Hence the name "VC (Variable Capacitor) Tuning". Yaesu specifies an attenuation of up to -70dB for the suppression of unwanted signals. This results in a top Blocking Dynamic Range (BDR) of 150 dB at 2 kHz signal spacing with a dynamic range of 120 dB (RMDR).
The FT-DX101 is offered in two versions:
The FT-DX101D has 100 W transmit power. It requires 13.8V, 22A power supply via mains adapter or battery and has the tracking preselection ex works only on the main receiver.
The FT-DX101MP has 200 W transmit power and comes complete with the SP-101 external speaker with built-in 48 V power supply. It also has the 300 Hz CW filter on the main receiver and the tracking preselection on the main and sub receivers.

Application description FT-DX101MP

The FTDX101 shortwave transceiver combines the best of both worlds: Narrowband 9 MHz quartz-roofing filters ensure that a hybrid SDR can process an optimal signal, while a second, direct-scanning SDR still provides overview of the entire band and enables a three-dimensional waterfall pattern.
To allow all types of DX traffic, the FTDX101 also offers two completely independent, equivalent receivers (main and sub-receivers) using this technique. Each receiver is equipped with DSPs for filtering the AF signal. Thus, individual notch and noise filters can be applied; each receiver also has its own set of adjustable filter widths.
The display can be expanded accordingly to two waterfall displays, which can be shown either side by side or one above the other. This also results in a system with two independent AF outputs, so you can have main and sub VFO output separately to stereo headphones or two speakers. This is very practical when hunting for a rare station in split mode.
As far as the controls are concerned, the Yaesu FTDX101 represents a successful mixture of proven and new ideas. The legendary FT-1000MP already had a VFO knob with an additional, outer tuning ring. With the FTDX101, this ring serves easily switchable functions: Fine tuning on the main VFO, tuning on the sub-VFO, VC tuning and clarifier.
On the large, colour touch display, many other functions are accessible via soft keys: Tapping the spectrum allows you to change the frequency directly, tapping the frequency allows direct frequency entry, etc. The display can be adapted to your personal taste in terms of colour and presentation.
Yaesu is also breaking new ground in band selection. The keys are clearly arranged next to each other, and the 60- and 4-m bands have their own keys. Coloured LEDs above and below the band keys indicate the respective assignment of the main and sub VFO.

You can find a comprehensive comparison with Kenwood's high-end transceiver TS-890S in our blog post.

Technical Data
Product Name FT-DX101MP
Freq Range Receiver 30 kHz - 75 MHz
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m
4 m Band TX capable Yes, modification required
6 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
60 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
Brand Yaesu
Modes USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY, PSK-31
Weight 14.3 kg
Bluetooth Interface No
The Yaesu brand is well known among ham radio aficionados and is synonymous with premium quality ham radios. From stationary multi-feature communications equipment to portable devices, Yaesu has consistently represented the best in communications equipment to the world's top DX'ers for over half a century. The number "101" has marked the top products of shortwave transceivers at the Japanese manufacturer Yaesu for many years. In the honourable tradition of the FT-101B, FT-101E, 101ZD etc. from the 1970s and 1980s, Yaesu now continues this series with the FTDX101D (100 W) and FTDX101MP (200 W). The FTDX101MP is dedicated as a tribute to the founder Sako Hasegawa.
Yaesu FT-DX101MP
Yaesu FT-DX101MP

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