Yaesu FTA-850L Airband Radio

6W transmitting power
2.4" colour display

Yaesu FTA-850L Airband Radio

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Top Features
  • Powerful 6W AM transmitting power
  • Large 2.4" colour display
  • Ruggedly constructed: MIL-STD-810H + IPX5
  • 8.33 kHz grid
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • ILS (Localizer & Glide Slope)
  • VOR Navigation
  • GPS Receiver 66 ch
  • Free PC Software

Supply Scope
  • FTA-850L
  • SBR-39LI LiIon battery 2200 mAh
  • SAD-25 Power supply/charger
  • SBH-11 Charging cradle
  • SDD-12 Charging cable cigarette lighter
  • SRA-20A Antenna
  • SHB-11 Belt clip
  • SCU-42 Adapter for headset
  • SBT-12 Battery empty case
  • USB cable
  • Printed manual (English)

Technical description FTA-850L

The technical capabilities of the FTA-850L offers everything a safety-oriented pilot needs on the road, err, on the flight: Communication possibilities with 6W AM in the VHF range, navigation via ILS for the perfect approach, navigation via VOR for wide-area orientation and of course GPS with a 66 channel receiver. All of these features are housed in a rugged polycarbonate case, manufactured and rigorously tested to MIL-STD-810H. The FTA-850L is waterproof to IPX5 standards.

The 2.4" colour display shows all necessary information very clearly and unambiguously. The new "Dual Frequency Display" mode makes it possible to have two COM channels available, which can be switched between quickly. For navigation, a radio channel and the respective NAV screen are shown. The good readability of the display is complemented by the high intelligibility of the audio signal. The amplifier offers 800mW output power - enough to understand radio traffic well even in noisy environments. A new feature of the FTA-850L is Bluetooth, which allows comfortable operation with a wireless headset, for example the optional SSM-BT10 from Yaesu.

The channel spacing of course supports operation with 8.33 kHz steps. For perfect organisation, up to 400 memory channels can be assigned and labelled with alpha-numeric names. The 66-channel GPS receiver uses the Wide Area Augementation System (WAAS) and thus offers very high accuracy. Of course, the GPS signal can also be recorded (position logger). The extensive accessories offer security in all situations - both in terms of power supply and the connection options to a wired avionics headset.

Application description FTA-850L

Good equipment supports the pilot unobtrusively without burdening him - this is exactly the approach Yaesu takes with the new FTA-850L aircraft radio. The FTA-850L is equipped with everything you need for the road, whether it's communication or navigation. The FTA-850L is an AM radio with 6 W transmit power for the VHF aviation radio range. It also features NAV functions for ILS localizer and glide slope; VOR navigation is supported and of course GPS orientation (incl. WAAS).

The colour display is tidy and provides a quick overview of all functions. A new feature is the "Dual Frequency Display" mode, which provides two COM channels for quick switching. Otherwise, COM and NAV functions share the large (2.4") colour screen. All settings are made via an easy-to-follow menu system. The powerful loudspeaker (800 mW) ensures good intelligibility, and if an avionics headset is to be used, the necessary adapter is included in the scope of delivery. Wireless is also possible, as the FTA-850L is equipped with Bluetooth! This means that many BT headsets can be connected, such as the SSM-BT10 from Yaesu.

The large LiIon battery with 2200 mAh capacity can also be charged in many ways. Either on the road in the car with the included adapter cable to the cigarette lighter, or in the hotel with the included charger. Of course, a charging cradle is also included so that the FTA-850L always finds its permanent place in the office and remains in readiness. And just in case, there is an empty battery case in which six AA batteries can be inserted. So you always have enough energy with you, no matter where your journey takes you.

Technical Data
Number of Memories 400
Supported Bands 118 - 137 MHz (COM)
108 - 117.975 (NAV)
Connector BNC-Buchse
Weight [kg] 0.40 kgs


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