Bird 43 USB-Interface f. FX-771

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The FX-743 is an electronics board with USB connection for retrofitting into the well known Bird 43 wattmeter. The board is installed inside the Bird 43 enclosure by mounting it directly on the rear of the analog instrument. No mechanical modifications of the enclosure are rquired. The USB connector and on/off switch are accessible through the side openings originally intended for spare slugs.

A windows software (32 and 64 bit) is available for the FX-743 interface, which displays the measured values on the computer. The display is done analog and digital, but without the inertia of a real analog instrument. The respective measurement range of the slug can be selected in the software, this allows to take benefit of the vast frequency and power range the Bird 43 has to offer. The power display can be switched to peak, average or absolute levels in dBm. The developer of the FX-743 has put a strong focus on a fast update rate of the measurement data to achieve a near realtime display. The ADC converter is a 16 bit type, the data rate is 25 kbit/s. The FX-743 retrofit board requires four AA cells for operation. An on/off switch which is accessible from the side helps to extend the battery life.

For integration of the Bird 43 watt meter into the MetroPwr FX-771 Vector Signal Meter system a similiar kit is available which has a I²C bus interface (WiMo reference FX-43).
Technical Data
Product Name FX-43
Brand MetroVNA

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