FX-773 Vector Wattmeter 5" LCD incl. FX-3

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Supply Scope
  • FX-773 Vector Wattmeter 5 "LCD
  • Sensor FX-3 for shortwave
FX-77x is an instrument for HF radio signals, it's remote sensor is inserted directly into the antenna cable. A large display (touchscreen) shows various measurement values, an optional coaxial switch allows the use of multiple antennas and radios.

Instrumentation for radio signals is getting better all the time, even for challenging tasks. The FX-77x is the centerpiece of the 'MetroPwr' measurement system that can be equipped with external sensors and switches for complex setups in the radio shack. This control and display unit is equipped with a powerful micro processor, most operation is done via the colour touch LC display. The integration into the existing station is achieved by a USB 2.0 connection to the computer. A Windows software is available which allows the control and display of all measurement data.

The external MetroPwr sensors can be installed up to 5m distant from the controller. We do offer sensors for HF up to power levels of 3kW (included) or 5kW (optional). These sensors are intended for indoor use (not weatherproof). They contain a directional coupler which sends the measured values to the FX-77x. This device ships including a FX-3 sensor for high frequencies.

The measurement data comprise everything you need to analyse and monitor a HF signal and the antenna system. Monitor the transmit power in real time, display functions like median, peak envelope and absolute power in Watt or dBm are available. The antenna is measure for VSWR, additional data is displayed like R, Z and |X|, the transmitted signal can be analysed for its modulation degree. This ensures the monitoring of the cleanliness of the signal.

Optionally a remote controlled 4-to-1 antenna switch FX-7 is available. This allows the construction of complex switching systems for multiple antennas and radios. In combination with a MetroPwr sensor you can monitor all your antennas and radios. The remote switch does not require an extra power supply, it is powered by the controller. Maximum distance from the FX-77x controller is 5m. For high accuracy measurements or measurements on higher frequencies a 'Bird 43' can be integrated into the instrumentation system with an optional interface. See product FX-43 interface for Bird-43.
Technical Data
Product Name FX-773