Flexa FX-7044-4 Yagi 432 MHz, 14.5 dBD

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Boom and lower strut of tehse antennas are made from a special, lightweight aluminium alloy. The elements are mounted with special clamps made from stainless steel. Elements are also made from stainless steel, for 23cm from aluminium. The mast clamp is made from hot dip galvanized steel.

The element lengths and distances follow the DL6WU design. With the use of folded dipoles and Teflon cable baluns a low SWR is achieved over a wide frequency range. The dipole case uses an N connector. Max. power load 800W FM on 2m, 400W FM on other bands.

Common data
Impedance: 50 Ω, N-Connector, Side lobes: <-15dB, continous power load 400 W FM (800 W on 2m), Balun: Teflon cable, Elements: 2 mm Ø, Boom: 15 x 15 x 1 mm, Mast: ≤ 63 mm Ø

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Technical Data
Supported Bands 70cm