GA-800 Active Loop Antenna RX, 10kHz - 159MHz

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Available from 23.04.2024


Top Features

  • Wide reception range
  • Many accessories included
  • Remote operation possible
  • Easy to use
  • Battery included

Supply Scope

  • GA-800 Loop
  • Controller
  • 5m cable with BNC connectors
  • 1m cable with 3.5" jack plug
  • 1m cable with BNC connectors
  • Charging cable USB/USB-C
  • Manual

WIMO Expert opinion

With its compact diameter of just 26 cm, the antenna can be easily positioned anywhere, even at home. Take advantage of flexible mounting options, as the antenna can also be operated away from the receiver. This flexible positioning makes it possible to position the antenna optimally and obtain the best possible signal.
Additional cables or mounting hardware may be required for remote installation, which may incur additional costs.
Rodrigo Rodrigo "Rod" Herrera EA7JX WiMo Antennen-Experte

Technical description GA-800

The GA-800 is an active loop antenna with 26 cm loop diameter and convenient automatic tuning. It covers not only the complete shortwave range from 10 kHz, but can be used up to the VHF band, which offers numerous other possibilities, such as the reception of the 6, 4 and 2m amateur radio bands. 

A built-in amplifier and interference suppression ensure good signals.

The input impedance is 50 ohms, and the gain is specified as up to 20 dB. With a weight of only about 650 grams, the GA-800 is an absolute lightweight. 

With the supplied cables with 3.5" jack plug or BNC plug, the connection can be made easily to all common world receivers or receivers. 

Application description GA-800

Unlike the GA-450, the loop antenna can also be operated remotely, for example in a dry place in the garden, away from domestic interference. A suitable cable with a length of 5 m is included in the scope of delivery. 

The compact dimensions in combination with the very low weight and the large reception spectrum make the GA-800 an ideal companion on every vacation trip or the next hike: Set up the antenna, connect the receiver and be on reception immediately, it couldn't be easier - especially if there is no space for hanging long wires. Thanks to the directionality of the GA-800, the antenna can be easily turned in the direction of the signal source, while blocking out any interfering signals that may be present.

The 3.7 V / 2600 mAh "18650" battery is integrated into the housing and is charged via a USB-C port (cable included). It is protected against deep discharge and overcharge.

Note: The antenna is not waterproof and must therefore only be operated in dry conditions.
Technical Data
Product Name GA-800
Brand WiMo
Impedance (Ω) 50
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Number of connectors 1
Weight 650 g
Weatherproof No
Frequency Range 10 kHz - 159 MHz
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Active Receive Antenna
Connector BNC
GA-800 Active Loop Antenna RX, 10kHz - 159MHz
GA-800 Active Loop Antenna RX, 10kHz - 159MHz

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €125.21

Available from 23.04.2024

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