Grazioli FE6V vertical antenna 5/8, 50-54MHz, 2kW

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Top Features

  • Load capacity up to 2000 watts
  • With radial
  • PL connection
  • Air coil with high quality factor

Supply Scope

  • Grazioli FE6V antenna
  • 4 radials
  • Air coil
  • Mast clamp
  • Assembly instructions

The Grazioli FE6V is a 4.17 m high vertical antenna for the 6 m band. This omnidirectional antenna with a wavelength of 5/8 λ is characterized by the use of high-quality and durable materials as well as high resilience. The resistant aluminum alloy AW6063-T66 is used for the particularly precisely manufactured element tubes and radials. 

The details also show that the manufacturer is breaking new ground instead of relying on standard solutions: For example, the antenna connector is not a standard SO239 socket, as used by most manufacturers, but a part developed and manufactured by Grazioli itself. This reliable connector has a true characteristic impedance of 50 ohms and is designed for frequencies up to 500 MHz, withstanding high continuous RF power levels.

The housing is made of CW614N nickel-plated brass, while the pin is plated with 24-karat gold to prevent oxidation and is equipped with a PTFE insulator that maintains its centering and elasticity to prevent contact loss.

The entire assembly is protected by a special elastomer sheath that prevents water and moisture ingress.

The HIGH "Q" coil

The coil plays a key role in impedance matching and maximum RF power transmission.

Q, the quality factor, is determined by the length/diameter ratio, spacing between turns, material, wire diameter, and the presence or absence of metal cores.

Simply put, the higher the quality factor of the coil, the lower the high frequency losses.

The "FE" Series uses particularly generously sized air core coil without metal cores with widely spaced turns, which achieves one of the highest Q values technically possible.

This ensures maximum efficiency and the ability to withstand high RF power levels.

In addition, the coil is directly DC grounded to ensure that atmospheric interference and background noise are significantly reduced.

To achieve the desired "gorund plane" effect, 4 robust, 1.4 m long radials with a 1/4 λ wavelength are used.

With the included corrosion-resistant mounting material, the antenna can be attached to masts with diameters of 40 - 54 mm.

Technical Data
Product Name FE6V
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Number of connectors 1
Brand Grazioli
Weight (Transport) [kg] 4.6
Length [m] 4.17 m
Supported Bands 6m
Impedance [Ohm] 50
Weight 3.3 kg
Max. Power [W] 2000 W
Frequency Range 50 - 54 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna Vertical Omni
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 54
Connector SO-239
Gain [dBi] (free space) 3.65
Gain 50 MHz [dBi] 3.65

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