Diamond Switching Power Supply

Diamond Switching Power Supply

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Switching power supplies with 60, 40 respect. 25A current, adjustable from 5-15V, with selectable U/I meter. Smart terminals: Three sets of output terminals include a 4mm jack on the back side; additionally a pair of binding posts on the front panel behind a protective cover for small wires up to 6A as well as cigarette lighter socket.

Due to the used technology these power supplies are of light weight compared to analog equipment and feature a high efficiency up to 80% even at low output voltages. Overload and over-temperature protection, no RF hash with temperature controlled fan. Two LED's for indication of OPERATION and OVERLOAD.

Smart feature: Front panel integrated loudspeaker with 3.5mm plug in the back panel (GZV-2500, GZV-4000).

Note GZV-6000:

Wide AC input range: 100 to 240V AC. additional sense inputs to compensate for voltage drop on supply cable. No built in speaker.
Technical Data
Ripple (mV) 50
Max. Current Output (A) 40
Voltage Output (V) 5 - 15
Size W x H x D 210 x 110 x 300 mm
Weight [kg] 3.00 kgs


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