Antenna switching board for HackRF One

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Top Features

  • Can be used as 2x4 or 1x8 switch
  • Frequency range 1 MHz - 4 GHz
  • Modes: frequency, time or manual

Supply Scope

  • HackRF Opera Cake

Opera Cake is an add-on antenna switching board for the HackRF One SDR transceiver that is configured with command line software either manually or for automatic port switching based on frequency or time. Two primary ports are available, each connected to one of eight secondary ports. These are optimized for use as a pair of 1x4 switches or as a single 1x8 switch. The recommended frequency range for using the board is between 1 MHz and 4 GHz.

When the HackRF One is used for transmitting, Opera Cake can automatically route its output to the appropriate transmit antennas as well as external filters, amplifiers, etc. No changes to the existing SDR software are required, with full control of the host available.

Opera Cake also improves the use of the HackRF One as a spectrum analyzer. Antenna switching works with the existing hackrf_sweep function, which can sweep the entire tuning range in less than a second. Automatic switching in the middle of the sweep allows the use of multiple antennas when sweeping a large frequency range.



The connectors of the Opera Cake are grouped into two banks (or "pages"), one at each end of the board. Bank A consists of ports A0 to A4, Bank B of ports B0 to B4.


Opera Cake has two primary ports, A0 and B0, each of which can be switched to one of the eight secondary ports A1-A4 and B1-B4. Each primary port is always connected to a secondary port. By default, A0 is connected to A1 and B0 is connected to B1. It is not possible to connect both primary ports to secondary ports in the same bank at the same time.


The selection of the connections is indicated by LEDs next to the connections. Connection A0 and the secondary connection connected to A0 are indicated by a green LED. Connection B0 and the secondary connection connected to B0 are indicated by a yellow LED.

Technical Data
Product Name Opera Cake
Brand Great Scott Gadgets
Connector SMA

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