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Hari G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas

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Top Features

  • Popular HF antenna, many variants
  • G5RV: longer dipole, shorter feed line
  • ZS6BKW: shorter dipole, longer feed line
  • Standard: 3mm steel wire, 450 Ohm feed line, 1kW
  • Light: 2mm steel wire, 300 Ohm feed line, 200W

Supply Scope

  • Hari dipole
  • Two-wire feed line
  • PL transition or 1:1 balun (choke)
  • Isolators
  • Instruction

Technical description

The G5RV antenna consists of the dipole and a two-wire feed line of fixed length. A 50 Ohm coaxial cable of any length can be connected to the feed line. As a transition between coax and twin wire,  either a simple PL socket or a 1:1 current balun (choke) is provided. This arrangement makes this relatively short antenna electrically resonant on all specified bands. The SWR is then in the low impedance range of 1:1 to 1:4.

The actual resistance transformation ultimately takes place in the matchbox ( tuner ). Since the tuner can compensate for blind components in addition to direct matching, the entire antenna then naturally also works on the non-resonant bands such as 30 / 17 and 12 m, so that all-band operation is possible, albeit with reduced efficiency.

In the 'normal' version, the tensile antenna wire is made of 3mm weatherproof steel stranding with colourless plastic sheathing, the twin wire is wider with 450 Ohm impedance.

The 'light' version uses thinner steel wire (2mm) and a narrow twin wire with 300 Ohm impedance, making it even noticeably lighter. This makes this antenna good for holiday use.

A variation of the G5RV antenna is a very similar construction to ZS6BKW. Here, the dipole has been optimised for a shorter length, but the feed line is longer.

Application description

The G5RV is rightly a very popular multi-band or all-band antenna. Depending on the length, it also covers 160 or 80m. The suspension can be straight or angled, if the available space does not allow it otherwise. The feed line made of two-wire cable should hang freely and be routed away from the dipole at a right angle if possible.

The normal version with 3mm steel wire and wide twin wire is designed for a maximum of 1000 W transmitting power. The lighter version of this antenna uses thinner antenna wire (2mm) and a narrow two-wire conductor, here the maximum transmitting power is 200 W. I.e. all 200W antennas offered here are 'light' versions.

Especially the light and shorter versions of this antenna can be used as vertical antennas. A light GRP mast with a height of 10 or 12m is sufficient. One leg of the dipole is placed high on the mast, the other half of the dipole serves as a radial, the feed line as a second radial.

The aim of the modification of the G5RV antenna by ZS6BKW is to make the dipole shorter in order to be able to use an efficient antenna even if space is limited. In return, the feed line is somewhat longer.

Technical Data
Product Name Hari G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas
Antenna Type Dipole
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Brand Hari
Connector SO-239
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Hari G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas
Hari G5RV / ZS6BKW Antennas

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As low as: €53.00
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