Robust steel wire
Encapsulated balun

Hari multiband dipoles, W3DZZ

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Top Features

  • Robust steel cable dipoles
  • Encapsulated balun - eternally durable
  • Encapsulated blocking circuits - long-lasting

Supply Scope

  • Hari Multiband Dipole
  • Balun (mounted)
  • Isolators (mounted)

Technical description

Hari trap dipoles use potted baluns and potted trap circuits. This makes these components somewhat heavier, but also very robust and durable; no water can penetrate.  The antenna wire is a steel strand with a transparent PVC sheath. The high tensile strength of the steel wire allows the dipole to be suspended tightly between two fixed suspension points. All clamps and screw connections are made of stainless steel.

The balun has a PL socket and is a 1:1 current balun in all cases. This means that this balun also works as a choke. This effectively suppresses unwanted influences of the antenna on the coaxial cable. The length of the dipoles is tuned to the lower end of the band (CW range), so that tuning to the desired band range may still be necessary during installation and depending on the suspension.

Application description

Trap dipoles take into account the fact that one would like to accommodate an antenna for several bands, but has only limited space. The Hari multiband dipoles represent a good compromise between length, choice of bands and weight in order to cover as many requirements as possible.

The dipole can be suspended in different ways depending on the structural conditions and, depending on the height and suspension, achieve different directional characteristics. As an inverted-V set up close to the ground, it is an ideal omnidirectional antenna with strong steep radiation and is therefore good for local traffic. The higher the dipole hangs, the flatter the radiation and the better the DX chances. Insulators and wire clamps are included. For installation, a short piece of non-conductive guy wire should be used at the ends of the dipole.

Technical Data
Product Name Hari multiband dipoles, W3DZZ
Antenna Type Dipole
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Brand Hari
Connector SO-239
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Hari multiband dipoles, W3DZZ
Hari multiband dipoles, W3DZZ

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As low as: €99.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping €83.19

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