How to use the WiMo Cable Configurator

The WiMo cable configurator offers an easy and fast method to assemble and manufacture coaxial cables in the exact form required. The production by WiMo has several advantages:

  • High quality by skilled and experienced employees.
  • Consistent quality even with large quantities of cable, even months and years later when reordering.
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Fast delivery, whether you need a single cable or a large quantity

The WiMo cable configurator is very easy to use. You simply select the desired connectors and the required length, and the configurator automatically suggests a series of suitable cables. Based on the criteria that are important to you (attenuation, thickness of the cable, price), you select the cable that exactly fits your needs and add it to the shopping cart.

Step 1: First connection

The drop-down list shows all types of coaxial connectors that we can assemble in house. You only select the generic type, for example "N-type connectors". To ensure that the correct connector is selected, a picture is displayed.

Step 2: Length

In the second step you enter the desired length in centimeters. The cable length is that of the inner conductor tips, i.e. the finished cable will be slightly longer with the connectors. It is not yet possible to make a more precise fabrication than one centimetre.

Step 3: Second connection

Finally, select the second connector to be attached to your cable. After a short moment a picture will be displayed. Please note that the entire range of WiMo connectors is no longer available here, but only the connectors for which - together with the first connector - a suitable coaxial cable can be offered. This automatically eliminates 'impossible' combinations - what you can put together with the configurator we can also make.

Step 4: Result list

After all three fields have been filled in, the WiMo cable configurator automatically suggests all cables that we can make with the required connectors. If you prefer to enter the length as the last step, the output is not automatic and you would have to click on the button "Suggest cables".

The list is sorted in descending order of attenuation, i.e. the cable with the lowest attenuation is at the top. The given value refers to the attenuation at 2320 MHz for a length of 100m of the suggested cable. Even if you do not want to use the cable at 2.3 GHz, you can use this value for comparison with other cables. A cable that has less attenuation at 2.3 GHz than another cable has comparatively less attenuation on short wave.

In the list of suggestions we also list variants of the selected connector types, for example angled connectors. So you have the choice depending on whether a straight or an angled connector fits better for your application. Please note that for some connector types, we only stock angled connectors, for others, only the straight version.

Transfer to the shopping cart

As soon as you have found the right cable in the list, you can put it into the shopping cart with one click. If you want to order several cables of the same type, you can change the quantity in the shopping cart. In the shopping cart you can also see the exact composition of the cable, i.e. which components are used. The exact length in cm is transmitted in the background and is currently not displayed. Please note that we always round up to the next full meter when calculating the price of the cable. I.e. if you order a cable with 210cm length, then we will calculate a cable with 3m length. The cable will be delivered as ordered in the desired length.

Delivery time

We manufacture individual cables and small quantities quickly and reliably in Herxheim. If longer delivery times are required for larger quantities, we will contact you to discuss the feasible delivery date.


Please note that such cables are manufactured on customer request. These cables are excluded from exchange and return. Please also note our T&C.

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