HFW-2 Mk2 Antenna wire (stranded)

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Supply Scope

  • Antenna wire

* High tensile strength
* Best conductivity
* More power
* Larger bandwidth

The HFW-2 is a very high quality antenna strand for building wire antennas. No matter if you want to build a dipole, a wire beam, a long wire, a quad or a deltaloop - with this wire many of the usual problems can be solved.

HFW-2 litz wire is built on a stainless steel core with 1.5 mm Ø. On top of this lies a silver-coated copper braid with an outer diameter of 2.1 mm. The steel core results in a very high tensile strength, so even very long, free-hanging antennas such as beverages, dipoles, etc. can be stretched tightly. The silver-coated copper braiding ensures excellent conductivity. This helps especially at the dipole centre, where high currents can occur at high powers.

In contrast to other "premium" wires with smaller diameters, the HFW-2 stranded wire is designed to be much more robust and is also used, for example, in military antennas. The larger diameter ensures wider bandwidths for dipole antennas. The silver coating of the dense copper braiding provides excellent conductivity to cope with the highest power levels. The outer sheath is made of special UV-resistant PVC with an outer diameter of 3 mm. All in all, the HFW-2 stranded wire is an excellent alternative "Made in Europe" to other antenna wires. Durable, tensile, weatherproof, great performance, comparatively light - a wire antenna can hardly get any better.

Weight per metre: 21.85 g

Technical Data
Product Name HFW-2 Mk2 Antenna wire (stranded)
Cable type HFW-2 Mk2
Brand WiMo
Structure of the inner conductor Stranded wire
Weight per Meter 21.85 g
Cable diameter [mm] 3

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