HLA300V-BLACK Transistor-PA (300W, 160-10m) w. fan

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Supply Scope

  • HLA-300V-Black
  • Plug for power supply
  • Manual (EN)
* New Design HLA-300V PLUS "Black" *

Compact and handy linear power amplifiers for all HF bands from 1.8 to 30MHz, with approx. 300W output power. These amplifiers work real linear amplifiers and not as a C class device, as many simple CB type amps do. A special feature the amplifiers have a six-way output low-pass filter, which is switched automatically by micro processor. Additionally this filter can be switched manually (e.g. when receiving).

The relative output power is shown on a bar graph on the front panel. The amplifiers have a protection circuit against high SWR. Transmit/Receive switching can be done either be HF Vox or a PTT cable. The controls on the front panel allow a selection of the Vox hold time, additionally a 3dB input attenuator can be selected, which reduces the amplification by about 50%.

PTT: cinch socket, active low.

Technical Data
Product Name HLA300V-BLACK
Amplification (dB) 16.5 ±1
Protection Measures SWR, Temperatur
Brand RM Italy
Weight 3.3 kg
Max. Power [W] 300 W

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