HRI-200 Yaesu Internet Link Adapter

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Supply Scope

  • Device HRI-200
  • USB cable (Type A - Type B)
  • Mini-DIN data cable CT-174 10-pin to 10-pin
  • Mini-DIN data cable CT-175 10-pin to 6-pin
  • WIRES-X software setup disk (CD-R)
  • WIRES-X user registration notice sheet
With the HRI-200 the Yaesu C4FM-Devices like the FTM-400 or the DR-1XE or DR-2XE can be connected to the internet. The required software and the device cables are included. The HRI-200 can control 2 transceivers at the same time and can monitor 4 frequencies.

The HRI-200 interface supports the full functionality of Wires-X as the networking of the Group Monitor, Local Info, emergency ...

Even on older devices the HRI-200 can be used. Here the interface is then operated only in FM mode and controlled via DTMF. The features are significantly limited.

The connection between the HRI-200 and a computer is handled by the supplied USB cable. An additional power supply is not necessary. The necessary router configuration is handled by the UPnP protocol in the router itself.

System Requirements for the HRI-200:

  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

  • CPU: min. 2GHz

  • HDD: min. 1GB free disk space

  • RAM: min. 2GB

  • USB: Full-Speed USB (USB-2)

  • Screen Resolution: min. 1366x768 or more, 16bit or more

  • LAN-Port: mind. 100MBit

  • Internet Connection: min. 8 Mbps or faster
Technical Data
Product Name HRI-200
Brand Yaesu
Weight 643 g
Size W x H x D 135 x 27 x 110
HRI-200 Yaesu Internet Link Adapter
HRI-200 Yaesu Internet Link Adapter

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €94.71

Available from 15.05.2024

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