Icom HS-94 Earphones Headset

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  • Icom HS-94 Earphones Headset

Very lightweight Icom earphone headset with boom microphone. The earpiece is placed behind the ear and at the same time carries the flexible boom for the microphone.  At the same time, the headset sits firmly enough to not slip even during a hike or similar activity.

The padded earpiece can be rotated so that the headset can be worn on the left or right. The flexible microphone boom allows the microphone to be positioned for best speech intelligibility. A clip is attached to the cable, which can be used to attach the cable to the collar. Connection 2.5mm phone plug, stereo.

The HS-94 can be used with all radios that have Vox or where the PTT is pressed on the radio. For other radios, the VS-5MC adapter cable with PTT is available, and the VS-1(L) Vox/PTT system can also be used.

The following adapter cables are required for operation with various radios:

  • Operation with ID-50E: OPC-2006LS
  • Operation with ID-52E: OPC-2006LS
  • Operation with ID-51E-PLUS2: OPC-2004
  • Operation with IC-T10: OPC-2004
  • Operation withIC-V80E: OPC-2004
  • Operation with IC-M 71: OPC-1392
  • Operation with IC-M 73: OPC-1392
  • Operation with IC-M 90: OPC-1392
  • Operation with IC-GM1600E: OPC-1392
  • Operation with marine radios: VS-5MC
  • Operation with IP Adv. Radio System: OPC-2328

Technical Data
Product Name HS-94
Suitable for IC-V80E, ID-51E, ID-51EPLUS2, ID-52E, IC-M73, IP100H, ID-50E
Length of feedline [m] 0.9
Brand Icom
Weight 30 g
Icom HS-94 Earphones Headset
Icom HS-94 Earphones Headset

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