Hustler GP G7 omnidirectional antenna, 136 - 174 MHz

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Top Features

  • N-connector
  • Power handling 600 W

Supply Scope

  • Hustler GP G7 Antenna
  • Radials
  • Mast clamp
  • Matching table

Technical description

The Hustler monoband omnidirectional VHF antennas are designed for stationary use on land. The construction is extremely robust, the maximum permissible wind speed is approx. 160 km/h. The usable bandwidth is about 6 MHz (at an SWR of 2:1 or better), different models are available for the different band ranges. The radiator is grounded and thus dissipates overvoltages and static charges without endangering the radio.

All models can be loaded with up to 600 watts and have an N socket

Application description

The Hustler G7 VHF antennas have an approximately 470cm high radiator consisting of three segments (3x 5/8 Λ). At the bottom 4 radials with approx. 9mm diameter and 50cm length form the counterweight. The antenna must be balanced, for this purpose simply loosen the clamps on the radiator segments and change the length. By the adjustment one reaches the best achievement on the desired frequency and does not accept compromises. A simple SWR meter is sufficient for alignment, alternatively use the enclosed alignment table (with inch measurements).

Technical Data
Product Name Hustler GP G7 omnidirectional antenna, 136 - 174 MHz
Weight [kg] 5.00 kgs
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna GP Groundplane
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Polarisation Vertical
Number of connectors 1
Brand Hustler
Gain 144 MHz [dBi] 7
Max. Power [W] 600 W
Connector N-Buchse
Supported Bands 2m

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